Mayor Bloomberg


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Aug 31, 2006
Has anyone heard that he might be considering running for President? I seen this on another forum I frequent but I am always watching the news and had not heard this yet. Has anyone here heard anything on this?
I've heard a few rumors, but I don't think they are true. Although it is highly possible that he would run in the future...I could see him going that route, at least.
I looked around a little for this last night and couldn't find anything. Seems like there are going to be a lot of people throwing their hat in the ring in two years. Curious to see how it all comes out.
I'm not so sure I'd like Bloomberg to run for president. Then again, I'm not so sure I'd like Hilary Clinton to run either.
Dumb question, who's Bloomberg? Which state?

I guess I just don't keep up with things as well as I thought I did. LOL
Bloomberg became the Mayor of NYC after Giuliani left. Before that he was the founder of Bloomberg, a major financial news company.