Movie and Book: Into the Wild


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May 28, 2007
I havent seen the movie yet. But I have read the book "Into The Wild" By Jon Krakauer. If you are familiar with it, was McCandless a lost soul and heroic figure? Or was he simply an unprepared greenhorn idiot who got himself killed?

For those unfamiliar. The Book by Krakauer, is based on the life of an upper class, well educated East Coast young man. After graduating college, McCandless spent time roaming the western US, often times living in the wilderness alone and subsisting on whatever he could. All in an effort to get away from the materialistic society that he saw.
He eventually made his way to Alaska(where many lost souls find themselves)
In Alaska he hiked back on a trail and eventually found an abandoned bus. With him he has a 10pound bag of rice, and a .22 rifle with a bunch of ammunition. He managed to survive 112 or so days before eventually dying of starvation. He was eventually found by a group of hunters in the fall.
The story has since been turned into a major movie, and I believe has been released to theaters in the major US markets. It will release I believe 10/19 in the rest of the country. Has anyone else read the book or seen the movie? What are your thoughts on the ultimate fate of McCandless? Tragic Lost soul? Or Bumbling unprepared idiot who got himself killed?