Negative campaigning in Pennsylvania


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Apr 20, 2007
The Golden State
In Push Before Vote, Obama Sharpens Tone

READING, Pa. — Senator Barack Obama sharpened his tone against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday as the six-week Pennsylvania primary contest raced to a close, with the rivals marshaling extensive resources in a battle for undecided voters and delegates that could determine whether the Democratic nominating fight carries on.

Hillary is running ahead in the polls currently, but her lead is shrinking. There is talk that she might drop out if she doesn't win in PA.

This is a crucial primary.

Mr. Obama, seeking to lock up the nomination, was outspending Mrs. Clinton two-to-one on television advertising in the state, with a barrage of commercials assailing her health care plan and suggesting that she was captive to special interests. Mrs. Clinton fired back on Sunday, criticizing his health care plan and saying he was going negative to mask his poor performance in last week’s debate.

Meanwhile, John McCain sits back and enjoys the spectacle.
I think it would be a Big Mistake for Hillary to drop out. I want to know more about the Jr. Senator who came out of nowhere to run for the greatest and most important position in our country. I wish her luck, for herself and for all America.