North Korea Agreed to drop its Nuke Program for good!


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
North Korea agrees to shut down nuke programs

GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) -- North Korea agreed Sunday to declare and disable all its nuclear programs by the end of the year, the chief U.S. negotiator said -- the first time the communist country has offered a timeline to end its secretive atomic program.

The North Korean envoy, in separate comments, told reporters his country was willing "to declare and dismantle" its nuclear program, but mentioned no dates.

Two days of talks between the United States and North Korea in Geneva had been "very good and very substantive," U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said.

The meetings would help improve chances of a successful meeting later this month with Japan, Russia, South Korea and China in six-nation talks aimed at ending the North's nuclear weapons program and improving relations between North Korea and other countries, Hill said.

"One thing that we agreed on is that the DPRK will provide a full declaration of all of their nuclear programs and will disable their nuclear programs by the end of this year, 2007," Hill told reporters, using the initials for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Hill said the declaration will also include uranium enrichment programs, which the United States fears could be used to make nuclear weapons.

Kim Gye Gwan, the head of the North Korean delegation, told reporters separately, "We made it clear, we showed clear willingness to declare and dismantle all nuclear facilities." He mentioned no dates.

"We are happy with the way the peace talks went," Kim said.

Hill said earlier Sunday that improving U.S. relations with North Korea will depend on other progress in the talks, saying it "is a relationship that we will continue to try to build step by step with the understanding that we're not going to have a normalized relationship until we have a denuclearized North Korea."

See!! George Bush got Tough with kim and IT WORKED!! All this time when Bill Clinton told Albright BE NICE TO THEM!!! Liberals still dont get it! I Gurantee you this will hurt democrats in the election. Cause all GOP Ads will say is Remember when Bill Clinton was in office? But when since Bill Clinton left office North Korea Start getting Dangerous.Terrorist Attacked america. But Now America is getting Stronger,Al Queda has Weaken, North Korea has also weaken. So the Question is this? Do you really want to go back to those Dog Days of Bill Clinton? VOTE FOR FRED THOMPSON FOR PRESIDENT!
So this is you definition of success?
The IAEA’s last inspectors to leave North Korea did not come home empty handed. They brought back all metal seals that North Korean authorities had cut at safeguarded nuclear facilities at the Nyongbyon site in December 2002, in preparation to restart nuclear operations frozen since 1994. Nuclear material under safeguards in North Korea is now left without any Agency monitoring.

Or is this your definition of success

North Korea test-fired a seventh missile Wednesday -- amid international furor over the regime's launch of six missiles just hours earlier.

So North Korea has promised to go back to the way they were when Bush took office.... Ahhh Undoing Bush's screw ups is your definition of success.
Yeah, although I agree that getting tough is the answer to N.K., I highly doubt that they would actually stop their nuke program for a president on his last year in office. Especially when they know that all three of the possible replacements for him will be incredible wimps. Even if they stop for now, they will undoubtedly start right back up as soon as the military wimps on parade get in office.