Now Obama Is Promising 100year In Iraq!


Mar 8, 2008
Now Obama is saying the same thing as McCain that he will leave troops in Iraq to guard the embassy and to fight terrorism! It was revealed by his former Forign affairs advisor samantha Power just before she resigned over calling Hillary a 'monster' and can be found on You Tube under 'Paxman Samantha power'

Barak Obama:

“I do think it is important for us not only to protect our embassy,” he said, “but also to engage in counter-terrorism activities. We’ve seen progress against AQI [Al Qaida in Iraq] ... I think that we should have some strike capability.” (New York Times, November 2, 2007):

Sam Power was his foreign policy advisor and as Obama is totally ignorant on the subject anything he says is meaningless and changes day to day.

What do you think the huge American embassy in the green zone? (Claimed to be the largest Embassy complex in the world)is but a base? How many troops will it take just to guard it let alone to carry out the counter-terror ops he specifies?
Obama has not promised 100 years in Iraq at any point in that article - a nice bit of misquoting and taking things out of context to try and attack Obama.

You claim Obama is a man of no substance, but everything his enemies throw at him are far more lacking in anything of quality.