Obama intents to DESTROY AMERICA as we have Always known it!


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Aug 26, 2009
Yes, RUSH, told it as it is today!! Obama is not America's FRIEND but Her ADVERSARY!! His thoughts , his agenda, his strange words and deeds are designed to DESTROY the America we have ALWAYS known!
We now see why the "strange "characters are hired as attorneys for the TERRORISTS, why the democrats work in unison to DESTROY OUR CONSTITUTION! We now see why Obama sneaks to CONTROL OUR DAILY LIFE through CONTROLLING OUR HEALTH CARE.Why he attacks our SUPREME COURT and wants to UNDERMINE their decisions he does not like!
America , We struggle to day with a IMPOSTER who is against most every PRECIOUS RIGHT, FREEDOM. VALUE, that our ancestors fought to protect and to obtain. His Army contains our National NEWS MEDIA!! They cover up for his sins, they work in concert with our foreign Enemies!!
AMERICA is in DANGER of being WEAKENED by him that we shall FALL from WITHIN!! WE were SUCKERED by the democrats, by the National Media, by our MEDIA driven Hate for G.W. Bush. We elected one who intents to "Change America into a THIRD WORLD NATION", He has made way to much progress in a "short time" -- Do You not think it is TIME TO WAKE UP and DEFEND THIS GREAT NATION?!