Obama takes back lead in Gallup poll


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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
For the first time since the Republican convention and after trailing by as much as 5% Obama has taken back the lead in the Gallup tracking poll 47%-45%.

there has been a general drift towards Obama since McCain moved to a five-point lead over Obama through the weekend after the GOP convention.

There were 4 national polls released today, three daily trackers and a Reuters/Zogby poll....3 of the 4 now give Obama the edge nationally. It appears the luster has worn off of Palin and the RNC....bounces fade and Palin has turned out to be a lying divisive figure. Yes, she has energized the Pub base but she has equally energized the Democratic base. From today's Reuters/Zogby Poll

For the last few weeks it's been all about Palin and she has been a divisive force. She has shored up the base for both candidates.

Obama, who struggled to solidify Democrats in August when just 74 percent backed him, now has the support of 89 percent of Democrats. McCain's support among Republicans grew from 81 percent last month to 89 percent.

If this is indeed a trend, it will begin to show up in the individual state polling within about a week.