Oil Vs. Global Warming: Pay per view special!


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Mar 28, 2007
I just want to open up a conversation...kind of like Hillary. Is anyone else starting to feel with rising gas prices for NO justifiable reason, coupled with the OMG the World's Melting Over-reactive Global Warming Warnings, that we are all being used?

The gas and Oil hike is making a lot of Oil people Richer than Richie, while once the "other side" gets their Green Initiative going, those people are going to be getting Richer than Richie after we all convert everything from Cars to Batteries for our vibrators.

It seems as though we Americans, unaffected by the war unless a loved one is involved just PAY for everything? If you don't Back the war, you're Un-American. If you don't believe in Global Warming, your naive.

Why do I HAVE to choose sides of either when I can't honestly disern from my chair which one is BS. So I'm going to be Bold and say **** off to Both. F the Cons and their Facist model for War support. And of course F..the Earth??? I don't know, there are so many lies to contend with...how can we really make heads or tails?

Conspiracy? Yes, we are so divided these days with Partisanship, I wonder how long we can hold on this way.
The rise is truly making some people rich.
A lot of shieks, dictators (like Chavez) and totalitarians love to suck away our dollars.
I don't think most of the increase goes to Chevrom or Mobil. They have to but the same MidEast oil everyone else does. And as the price per barrel goes up, so doe the price at the pump.
There are many ways to alleviate this problem but the Americam left is opposed to all of them. We can't drill for oil in Alaska or drill new wells for gas in the Gulf. We can't build new refineries and can't build new nuke plants. We can't build new gas pipelines. And none other than the senior senator from the great state of Mass objects to windmills if he can see them.
So before you blame Exxon/Mobi/Chevron, ask yourself if your personal belief system alleviates this problem or has served to create it.
Compare the gas prices from 1980 and do the inflation math. If gas prices followed normal inflation rates, they would be a whole lot higher than they are right now. So no, I don't think we're getting hosed here.

The oil companies arent exactly getting as rich as most people claim. They are posting record profits, but that's not really saying a lot considering the bar was set so low. For a long time, oil wasn't really a profitable business unless you were on the drilling end and owned mineral rights to a good spot of land. Selling it to the public has always been a tough business. It kind of annoys me that now that these companies are making a profit, they are somehow more evil than before.