One World Government


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Nov 8, 2007
I am not talkabout about just the UN where countries come together... but one world Government what do you think about it? Good, Bad?
If you mean like the possibility of the EU literally becoming a single state, and then the same thing happening over and over until there's only one world government system, then yes, I think that's bad.

But I think the world right now is in kind of a contradictory place as far as that's concerned. You have the EU on one hand, and breakaway rebel-types on the other: Kurds in Turkey and Iraq want their own state, Chechens in Russian want their own state, the Kosovars just declared independence from Serbia, etc.
Think about how bloated and inefficient the US government is currently. I can't even imagine how unresponsive and wasteful a world government would be.
I one world government would be a nanny state government with barely any freedoms and no privacy.

As a country gets bigger inevitably it needs to maintain control of the ever growing population. Thats were your freedoms and privacy are taken away.