Open letter to Obama

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Apr 23, 2008
Are you suffering from Hillary fatigue? Don't let "horrible Hannah" get to you again! You're doing just what she wants. If you cannot stand up to Hillary then how can you stand up to other ruthless people? There are more ruthless people in Washington than there are in Hell. I am a retired white female with an Engineering background. My motto is there are no problems when solutions can be found. If you let Hillary win that does it for me. I do not vote just to be voting. I vote for the person I want in office. Hillary and McCain do not fill that bill. They are still living in the past. It's up to you to help the American citizens take back America. In all due respect, don't wimp out on us. Bring the Kennedy's back into the limelight. They are well respected and can help you a lot. I voted for John F. Kennedy. That's how picky I am.
I'm Republican, so I oppose them both. I consider Hillary the greater threat. So, yes.....I want to see Obama fight harder and ultimately triumph. He can do it by tweeking race-card strategies. Americans are so hyper-sensitive to racial issues right now, Obama could make himself invincible, if he dared. All he would have to imply is that Democrats who don't vote for him are racist, and the whole Party would fall in line behind him. It's a crass tactic, but it would work. Young Americans, in particular, are pro-minority in their idealism and PC-conditioning. That's where he should turn and begin preaching hardcore racial politics. :)
if he dared. All he would have to imply is that Democrats who don't vote for him are racisthe should turn and begin preaching hardcore racial politics. :)

He is already doing this. It never enter's his mind or the minds of his supporters that some of us just DO NOT LIKE HIM. It has nothing to do with his skin color, it has to do wtih his politics.

I agree he would be easier to beat than Hillary BUT I cant stand McCain either. I would rather vote for the communist Hillary than the RINO McCain. but if its McCain/Obama I have no choice but to vote for McCain. I would rather not have to vote for him.
His entourage is doing that, but he could press the issue more aggressively himself. I see this as poetic justice for the Clintons, they who specialized in manipulating, pandering to, and exploiting the Black vote. They were experts at it, and came to take unconditional Black support for granted. The one variable they never expected to have to contend with was the rise of a popular Black politician of epic proportion. Obama is that politician, and Blacks now expect the Clintons to take a 'back seat' to their champion. :D