Paris Hilton Arrested for DUI

I would feel the same way if any other person got arrested. I just hope she doesn't pull any crap in front of the judge. I hate it when celebrities get away with this behavior because they have money and power.
This is just going to become another celebrity getting away with drunken driving case. They always get away with it, and suffer little more than a small fine.
I don't see why she should be treated any different from the averege person. Also i am not sure what exactly she has done to become so well known. As a Buddhist I can have compassion for her but i am not sure what her contribution to society is exactly.
I hope she gets thrown in jail. I can't stand it when rich snobs get away with this.
A bit harsh a response though - don't you think? :(
i'm gonna go with no. DUIs are serious; she could have killed somebody.
this is extra-special-horrible coming from a woman who could easily afford to hire a cab or a driver or something to get her home.
I don't know why but this girl drives me nuts.

She drives me nuts, too. To be fair, it's not her as much as it is our culture's fascination with celebrities. And even that's not bad when people are famous for achieving something. It's people who are famous for being famous, and many folk's reaction to them, that annoy me.