Penn & Teller on CT Believers


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Jun 8, 2008
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Penn and Teller are comedians but they do what not even conspiracy theorists do - Get their information from verifiable sources.

P&T on the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories:

"Wasn't 9/11 enough of a conspiracy theory to make the theorist's happy?
Religious fanatics, directed by God, conspired to use planes as suicide bombs. They conspired to demolish an American landmark, to kill thousands of people, and to crush the economy, liberty and spirit of the greatest nation on earth."

Thats the theory all the Conspiracy Theorists claim is so unbelievably implausible...

Their Theory:

Something about how our government wanted and excuse to invade Iraq for their oil and turn America into a police state etc, etc. Which we did by blaming Saudi citizens, operating out of Afghanistan, for a 'false flag' operation that killed thousands of Americans. Brilliant. How destroying the Towers with civilian aircraft correlates to WMD in Iraq, our primary concern for invading, is anyones guess.

So what exactly happened? They have no idea and even argue amongst themselves as to what "really happened"... thats why it needs "Further investigation" which they believe will result in our leaders being incarcerated for their complicity and planning... but circle your logic and the proof of those accusations will have to come from the investigation their demanding. So what are their accusations based on if they can only get proof after we "investigate"? Pure fantasy and paranoia.