Portugal will legalize abortion

it's about bl**** time, isn't it?

Good for Portugal!

Hey we'd better watch who we elect. If the Pat Roberson, Jerry Falwell, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart Christian Conservatives, Moral Majority types ever get what they want we'll have a Christian Taliban going on right here in the United States.

They'll have the women not only losing the right to be pro-choice but they'll have them dressed like the Amish (no offense to the Amish). It will be their Christian burka I guess.

Talk about going backwards. :eek:
It's none of our dang business. But it shows the rapid deterioration of The Church's influence on places other than the mostly undereducated nations.

And that, too, was about bl***y time! Unfortunately, the reli-boys seem to be getting back in the saddle in both the US and Europe, so anyone wanting an abortion might want to do it quickly!