President Obama; Succeeding, Where George Bush Failed!!!

The leaders of the left went on and on about Sadam having WMD and he must be stopped till it became popular to say other wise.

Yep, that sure is the way that all YOUR MIND :rolleyes:

Actually, most of AMERICA was trying to support our President {regardless of the party affiliation} until we found out he had manufactured WMD Proof and had gone above and beyond getting Colin Powell to spread the fabrication to the UN...but you must have been living in your 'BUBBLE' because this isn't anything new &'s all out there in the G.W.B. records:cool:
No, You are right

obama is a great war president and whore president, he beats President Bush by miles. obama is better at killing pirates too.

if he were playing death race 2000 he would have got double points for the kiddo pirates