Replacement of Xinjiang's Communist Party chief Chen Quanguo


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May 1, 2014
1. Xinjiang’s Communist Party chief Chen Quanguo is to leave his post, state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday.

Chen has been targeted by foreign sanctions over the crackdown targeting the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the region that he spearheaded, prompting allegations of widespread human rights abuses from the United States and other Western countries....

“The replacement cannot be called a response to international pressure,” Wu said. “The pressure does exist, but what Beijing did is the opposite – as Chen might be promoted to a higher level, and the governance model in Xinjiang might be copied elsewhere in the country.”

However, a Beijing-based expert on Xinjiang issues, who declined to be named, said the replacement might indicate the government wanted to add some new elements to its policy in Xinjiang, arguing that “replacement definitely means new thoughts”.

Professor Song Xiaozhuang, from Shenzhen University’s Centre for the Basic Laws of Hong Kong and Macau, said Ma’s Guangdong experience might aid Xinjiang’s economic development, as well as help fend off overseas accusations of “forced labour”.

“Guangdong’s economy has led the country in many aspects, including in GDP. Ma is very familiar with the issue of ‘forced labour’ from his dealings with foreign investment from all over the world,” Song said.

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden signed into law a measure that will effectively ban all imports from Xinjiang, saying it showed its determination to “combat forced labour” in the region.


2. Due to its uniqueness, Xinjiang has become a target of white imperialism since the latter part of the Qing dynasty. A Beijing-based expert on Xinjiang issues said the replacement of Chen Quanguo might indicate the government wanted to add some new elements to its policy in Xinjiang, arguing that “replacement definitely means new thoughts”.

(a) It is puzzling why the US and its allies do not impose sanctions on the Chinese leader. They should know that he is the mastermind of all policies in China. Hence if the MCC Emperor (from the Cantonese pronunciation "mung chaa chaa" 矇查查 meaning "muddle-headed") has any "new thoughts" in his Xinjiang policy, he should appoint himself as the "Senior Mentor to Xinjiang Governor cum Supreme Planner of All Xinjiang Policies” so as to challenge the two-faced gas-emitting White House incumbent, Poor Little Rich Boy Marco and Tom Cotton Brain to impose sanctions on him. (Note: The last two guys have been leading the lameduck president and his predecessor around like donkeys by sponsoring a number of anti-China legislations.)

(b) The best way to make a laughing stock of so-called "Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act" is to implement Uncle Sam's Indian reservation system in Xinjiang. (The "Death by China" Navarro will certainly accuse China of "stealing" America's super idea!) The Red Indians have become the forgotten people in the so-called "Indian reservations", and will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs. As the first to implement the system, how can the US accuse others of genocide if they follow its example? 😇

(c) China should let the private sectors to take charge of education, training and skills development programme in Xinjiang. The government, however, must monitor the programme to ensure no exploitation of labour. The Uyghurs are given the choice either to attend the training programme or follow their traditional sedentary practices in their "reservations".

(d) If China is certain that its noble aim is to upgrade the education and employment skills of the Uyghurs, it should invite independent investigators from the United Nations and Muslim nations to Xinjiang in order to debunk the propaganda and untruths of America and US allies. As a commitment to reciprocity and fairness, however, the same groups must also go to the US to investigate the living conditions of Red Indians and other ethnic minorities.

3. Like the Chinese emperors of the past, particularly of the Song and Ming Dynasties, the MCC Emperor is expert at ousting domestic political opponents but when it comes to external threats, he seems to lack direction. It is doubtful whether he will add some new elements or thoughts to his Xinjiang policy.

The MCC Emperor and Chinese officials have fallen victim to his own strict news censorship. As a result, they are largely ignorant of what's happening abroad, not to mention the US malicious goal to contain China. As in a Chinese saying: "人无害虎心,虎有伤人意 " which literally means that "Even though a man does no harm to a tiger, there is no guarantee it will not hurt him." Roughly translated, it can be thus interpreted as "Your goodwill won’t be reciprocated even though you have no intention to harm others." Faced with such serious threats, China has no choice but to kick hard at the "tiger's axx".

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