Robots "The GOOD and the EVIL"in America!


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Aug 26, 2009
What Nation led the way in building Robots? Strangely enough it was America, in the 1930's that started the mass manufacturing of "MINDLESS ROBOTS" aka EVIL ROBOTS.The creator of these mindless , senseless,Robots was F.D.R. who captured the democrat party in 1932 and started the process of developing a strain of humans within our society that would surrender their GOD given ability to think for themselves.These MINDLESS ROBOTS gladly surrendered their thought process for a few apples, beans, and a W.P.A. job paying twenty-five cents an hour. There decision to stop thinking was made easier by the democrat party developing fascist programs and policies that extended the Depression into the 1940's. If F.D.R. had not gone Fascist on us the "great depression" would have become known as an"average recession" and America would have fully recovered in about TEN MONTHS.Foolish Government Programs, ALL Unconstitutional,extended and made and caused our "GREAT DEPRESSION.We see much the same stupid and Anti- America policies coming from the Obama Administration, He has caused our "Average Recession" to become a continuing DEPRESSION due to his INEPTNESS and his DESIRE to bring America down.
All of this would have been impossible if it were not for F.D.R. and his crop of "Mindless Robots".These miserable democrats have multiplied like rabbits over the years and for much the same reasons.
Our Congress , led by the current majority , has caused the REAL AMERICANS to suffer greatly, yes, the term "WILD AS A MARCH HARE" fits them perfectly.
Our ONLY HOPE is for some of these "Robots" to cast off their chains, open their minds, use what GOD gave them and JOIN the CONSERVATIVES in SAVING AMERICA.
YES, the G.O.P. has a very small fraction of "Mindless Robots" too but they are not really honest about their politics. Fake Conservatives are easily found in the G.O.P. and it is my and your duty to cast them out of office in November.
WE know the CAUSE of this dangerous happening,it is too many "MINDLESS ROBOTS" NOT THINKING ABOUT AMERICA AND OUR FUTURE!!
It is NOT his fault we have sitting in our Oval Office such a FAILURE in every sense of the word, No, it is YOUR FAULT, those who in November 2008 took a zombie walk into your voting booth and pulled a lever for"nothing"absolutely nothing worthwhile, like a ZOMBIE. huh! REMEMBER this NOVEMBER! CORRECT, PLEASE!