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Ron Paul or anyone who knows where he is or how to contact him:

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by SusanConstant, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. SusanConstant

    SusanConstant Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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    You have federal standing aka federal authority.

    In case you are not aware I have been filed for a seond time in US Supreme Court as I was heard once but was denied any and all justice, I was accorded zero protection of the law although you will find the name the court chose to file me under listed no where in our law as the lone exception, actual reality was ignored or denied with exact words, each federally condoned or federally perpetrated violation of my civil rights was then committed by the US Supreme Court save one (obviously my right to petition the courts was upheld even if in a manner not legal the first time as the outcome was self-evident before heard as I examined the record - actual decisions and orders - and as the clerks told me what would happen and it then did thus fair or just hearing was not possible as my judicial fate was predetermined), all Americans were subjected to the unconstitutional proof of death standard i.e. even your dead body or the dead bodies of others no longer serves as absolute proof of the injury as now the court demands resurrection so that you can give living testimony thus establishing chain of causation and linking it directly to a specific action of the US Supreme Court, Marbury was violated and the authority to interpret the constitution was then given to local district family court where I am now a defendant but the claim is still the same - exactly what was heard in US Supreme Court where I was the plaintiff is now being heard locally with me as the defendant thus it is chaos or death, as the order of things has been reversed, and so, every single office of government was then unchecked as I was the very last office yet obeying the law and the spirit of the law.

    Quickly: if you uncheck the office of President by allowing the Court to install a President in violation of exact words and math thus make law when they have no power to make law, and then the President unchecks himself by appointing a Chief Justice in a manner not arbitrary when there is the pre-existing condition that the Congress has unchecked itself via unconstitutional Presidential term limits as it has robbed the citizens of the right and their duty to check Congress (your vote for President checks Congress or it used to before term limits as your vote is the power of executive order) which has now resulted in an oligarchy, you have just been handed proof beyond any and all doubt that all offices of government are now unchecked and a coup has occurred. I have witnessed service members and women being buried. They actually died. Bush v Gore is the cause. Go look: no other person in all of US or world history has ented a court of law as pro se, constitutional authority and original jurisdicition unless you consider Jefferson as the Declaration was, technically, pro se and it created the original jurisidcition as the people acted upon the knowledge of it when read aloud on July 4th, 1776 thus we came into being as it was and is an actual court petition. I flipped the script based on the unique facts of my unique life and am now seeking to uphold and enforce our two signed federal contracts upon direct appeal as every word, clause and ideal has been broken. The court's own docket is good evidence which supports all I say. Bush v Gore and In Re Susan are on it and were decided.

    Bush v Gore overturned the law upon direct appeal thus invalidating a signed, legal contract which I alone fulfilled as the rest of you defaulted and so now I will act as the legal President and Commander, as I have been doing since June 5th, 2007. I'm not sitting in the office but I have been issuing Executibve Orders as June 5th was the day I acted upon knowledge of an argument making me Commander in Chief also and at least one of those Executive Orders was obeyed by the Chief Justice thus I became the legal and actual President and Commander in April of 2008 even if you yet deny it.

    I do not possess the chair, office or embossed pen set so you do not believe it is possible. I possess no photograph of myself sitting in the Office in front of the drapes and refuse to make deals or form alliances with law breakers as an american never negotiates their safety so you refuse to believe what you have never seen, what you think you cannot do or what has never been done in the past but is real now. Because something has never been done before does not prove it is impossible; it merely proves nobody could or nobody would. It merely proves I am the first person able to do it and willing to do it as I did not hack into the Supreme Court's official website; if my name is there as I was conferenced - heard - in April then I was heard. If my name is there as being filed then I was filed again; you can deny it by making such riduclous claims but actual reality is, actually is, as it is history. Your actions become history and so history is not dependent upon personal belief. Not believing history? We call this the Auschwitz lie, an actual case prosecuted in America upon invocation of contract law.

    You have been conditioned to believe a hearing in US Supreme court is oral argument only; if you do not see the person on the news you then do not believe their facts or that their case is real. In order to be heard your facts must be facts. Hearing is reading upon paper as the Justice then hears it in his or her head and you MIGHT then be granted oral argument. You will if enough people make a stink as America is actually a massive court of public opinion as we choose to obey or disobey orders issued by our commanding officers. Since when did the press command this or anything else in re to actual reality???

    What serves to prove July 4th, 1776 ever happened and that the events we say occurred did occur and are fact? What PROVES the Declaration was signed that day and not the 2nd? How do we know, as fact, that is our actual birthday as the founders argued about these dates? What is proof if the paper is not?

    Our law is delivery of the paper commissision is not neccessary as one is to own the knowledge it exists. In an actual constitutional nation ACTIONS define you and serve as proof of your ownership of the knowledge thus life not death is proof. Did I act? Yes, twice over as I now claimed that you guys are so delusional that you read the docket or hold it in your hands and tell me to my face that I am lying or that I am making it up; that I was not heard and that I could not have entered upon my own without the assistance of a snake - a lawyer or a corrupted politician.

    If Jesus and Christianity is the reason you are using when it is actually excuse, then Hey! If Jesus can enter Jerusalem on an ass with people waving palms, why can't one of us enter Washigntion DC on our own two feet with people waving copies of the Declaration? We can.

    That is what America is: A successful play torn from the book of history then made our own. Now it is up to us to make our own unique history. So if you are Ron Paul or know him as the only noncrook willing to act that I could find was Ron Paul albeit he still is a member of the most criminal and corrupted Congress in US history, a FL citizen has written my name and your name upon their ballot for President and Vice President and mailed it in as of last week thus securing the opportunity for us to act upon the knowledge the paper commission exists and is hanging on the wall in the Smithsonian Institution as well as sitting in a box or on a desk in a Duval County FL office as actual delivery has occurred. This voter gave us informed consent which is federal authority. One was all we ever needed. If the other citizens do not believe us and so have to see it for their own selves before they 'believe' that this vote exists or believe my case was and is before US Supreme Court or believe the law and so obey the law, this ballot can be retrieved. I was given the ballot number as a people so deeply in denial cannot possibly act upon electronic votes or sworn testimony if they are convinced paper is proof and if President's now perjure themselves w/o consequence.

    The scales only tipped in favor of Ron Paul when a crime was committed against him: He was not allowed to debate candidates that openly told me they have zero intention of obeying the law or lack the human abiltiy to do so, or who participated in what I can prove mmets or exceeds the legal definition of a crime, thus a television network violated the law, prior federal precedent and my own as well as Ron Paul's civil rights. Ron Paul then ACTED, like me, to inform the public via appearing on a talk show in order to inform you that he and you were the victims of a crime.

    I'd appreciate it if Ron Paul would contact me or let me know if he has any intention of ACTING as Vice President. Legally he is now the Vice President if he acts upon the knowledge. I told the court: I am not asking you to install me as President and Commander as that is not legal. I am demanding that you uphold the law by checking and balancing this government and restoring order the only way possible - by telling the people the truth, the whole truth, instead of burying it or denying it as silence can be the US Supreme Court tellling an exact lie it knows to be a lie.

    If you know where Ron Paul is please forward this as I have never been able to contact him as his clerks and his staff believe they are God and believe they can throw a notice to appear or a notice of suit, even when it has the US Supreme Court's own heading upon it and came from their office via my home address as all federal notices do, in the trash. I fully expect the court to fail again and harm me more but this does not then mean one plans for failure as that - planning for failure - is against our law.

    All of my contact information is a matter of public record.
  2. pocketfullofshells

    pocketfullofshells Well-Known Member

    Jan 17, 2008
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    land of 10,000 lakes and 2 senators again
    Ron Paul posts here all the time I am sure he will see it, that or he is close freinds with many of us here, I will let him know at the next bbq.
  3. BigRob

    BigRob Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2007
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    Try calling his office...

    You say the Supreme Court issued a summons for him through your house...

    That makes about as much sense as.... well it makes no sense at all, big shock they threw it away.

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