Russia Develops their first Stealth Bomber


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Jun 13, 2007
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Russia unveils 'stealth' bomber

Moscow - Russia unveiled on Thursday the mock-up of a pilotless bomber plane that its constructors say will be even better than the famous US stealth fighter at evading enemy radars and anti-aircraft fire.

NTV television showed a full-sized model of the bat-like plane known as Skat, which means "stingray", at an airshow just outside Moscow - the first public glimpse of the project run by Russia's MiG corporation.

The aircraft has a flattened, swept-back profile reminiscent of the US air force's stealth aircraft, with a bubble-like cockpit area, although the plane will not have a pilot, NTV reported.

According to the report, the Skat's constructors claim the stealth technology will make it even less vulnerable than the US version to radar detection.

"Many firms are trying to work in this area, but few so far have achieved results. Today we have begun real work on building an assault craft," the director of MiG's Mikoyan design bureau, Vladimir Barkovsky, said on NTV television.

RIA Novosti news agency quoted Barkovsky saying that the Skat will be able to attack land and sea targets, particularly enemy anti-aircraft sites, even if coming under heavy fire.

It will weigh 10 tons, be able to carry up to two tons of ordnance and have a range of 4 000km, RIA Novosti reported.,,2-10-1462_2170002,00.html

Theyre not loyal patriotic americans. Youre supposed to keep our military technology secret. Just like when we broke the sound barrer back in the 50s the Press had to report that and now everyone has fighter jet technology.The Press had to print our Stealth technology and now russia has em. Whatever happend to our old Treason Laws? Back in the old days you commit treason the punishment IS DEATH!!! The last victims of our old treason laws to be put to death was back in July 7th 1865 4 assassin conspirers to abe lincoins death were hanged on guilty of treason to US Goverment. So why cant that apply to the press? The Press are the ones threating our national security by printing military technology secrets. Just like back in 1991 we develped a spy satelite that was suppose to listen to other nations military telephone conversations. When NASA launched the satelite in 1991 the Washington Post has to print the secret out. Just like The New York Times printed the money technology was to track down the terrorist.Now why cant congress re establish those old treason laws back on the books? And add any reporter of the press who prints any unauthorized military technology to the papers is subjected to the death penalty.
Well i want treason laws reinstated. If you print anything about any military secret YOU DIE plain n simple.Just like The Rosenbergs told the soviets all about our nuclear secrets back in the 50s and both of them died in the electric chair.
Imitation is the best form of flattery. The Russians have been copying everything we've done for decades. Remember the B1 bomber. Well their blackjack looks almost exactly like it. Remember our space shuttle. Their Buran looks identical. Sooner or later they were going to COPY our stealth technology. So now they have and we'll come up with something to counter that. The Soviets will spend the next 10 years sniffing through our garbage until they get that. Oh yeah, the Soviet Union never really fell, it just declared bankruptcy and is now beginning to come out of it.

Remember all those technology weapons Germans built During WWII? Like Rockets? Well Hitler told the press dont leak this out.And one almost tried to do it. So he order the SS to get him and put him the considtration camp with the jews. The Press was real scared of Hitler. Most of them Disagreed with Hitler.It wasnt until after WWII we discover the german weapons technology. So Hitler did a good job kept them secret. But he didnt wanna use those weapons yet.
Hitler,, wow, there is a role model for us.

Hey SteveO, please give one example of the press being treasonous and publishing secret technology....
Hah! is there a piece of classified information that Eric Lichtblau and James Risen of the New York Times haven't published. Well at least that they could get their hands on!

You have any proof that Chicago Tribune leaked out WWII Secrets?

They revealed the secret of the Navajo codetalkers and FDR actually wanted them brought up on treason charges, but when it was discovered that the Japanese apparently did not read the Tribune, he dropped the charges.
Thats no Military weapon.Im Talking about that Atomic Bomb weapon was so kept secret that the press couldnt leak it out until the dropped in on Hiroshima. But the Rosenbergs gave the A Bomb ingredients to the Soviets. And Later they were both sent to the electric chair.
This is stupid!

There is a big freaking difference between saying "We have stealth technology." or "We have atomic bombs" or "We have broken the sound barrier" and actually giving someone the means to be able to replicate that technology.

Even the Tribune when the said that the military was using Navajo code talkers didn't give anything away. How many Japanese Navajo-language linguists do you think there were in WWII? Especially since the US could only find a handfull and we have the Navajo right here in the US!

There is no treason in revealing these technologies. I can scream "WE HAVE STEALTH FIGHTERS!!!" at the top of my lungs all day, that doesn't put the Russians, Chinese, or anyone else any closer to understanding how the technology actually works.

Even when Jane's prints that stealth aircraft use "advanced, radar absorbing composites" and "radar deflecting angles" to defeat stealth, that doesn't tell you what the mixture of those composites are, or what angles are required to achieve the effect.

I'd also like to point out that the concept that certain angles reduce your radar visibility and make aircraft stealth was invented by a Russian.
True, but when the NY Times reveal our terrorsit financial tracking program through SWIFT it removes a very useful tool in the fight against Islamic terrorism.

There is certainly a difference.
See Thats another one the press leaked out on " Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier" That reporter should had been giving the Electric Chair for that. And Sub Hitler was not a hero ok!! But My GOD The Press keeps on leaking stuff out so the enemy would capitolize on it. Look at the russians Military technology. And the Russians have built a more powerful faster nuclear missle so why hasnt america capitolize on that one? Wanna know why? PUTIN WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO SHARE THE INGREDIENTS INFO TO US! I gurantee you any russian who leaks thisd to us Putin is gonna have him or her executed.