Second Life could become dangerous locale


Apr 18, 2007
British legal experts question whether the lax oversight of the online community Second Life could potentially create a haven for criminals and terrorists.

A report from Britain's Fraud Advisory Panel found that the limited regulations within the "virtual online community" could lead to money launderers and terrorists using it as a crime locale
I read this in the paper the other day. Its not really a big issue, most of these problems can be fixed by adding in some more laws and rules to the virtual world.
Its a virtual game for crying out loud roker. I'm all for relaxing what people tell me I can and can't do but this isn't a website which contains facts and figures or knowledge the government don't want us to have, its a game being exploited by criminals.
pedephillia is the trojan horse of the internet clampdown that and my space youll see
Its not a peadaphilia issue on second life, its a money laundering one. Maybe you should have read some articles on it.
Second life is a perfect target for this as it won't require too much hard work on the part of the criminal - even if there is a clamp down what is stopping a person having multiple accounts, and creating a web through which they can transfer the money?

Same goes for any MMPOG that uses real money.