Sexual Harassment?


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Dec 17, 2014
Recent events have brought about the discussion regarding sexual harassment of women. While my opinion is going to be on the wrong side of the conclusions some are coming to, it will also be the one on the side of morality.

Having grown up in the 40‘s, 50‘s, 60‘s, I was taught to show respect for women. We, as boys, were taught to never swear, or use coarse language, in front of a woman. We were taught to give up our seat on the bus, to open doors, etc., for the woman. How things have changed.

While we are hearing much about how women are “demeaned” we are hearing nothing about how women have done so to themselves. In fact, we are told the woman must be believed. We are told that women are not to blame. Really?

How many men can remember (if they got a divorce) how the woman was always believed in spite of the evidence presented? How many men lost custody of their children even when it was shown that the mother was the one abusing the child? The argument then was one of “nurturing” which developed in to the “best interests of the child” theory. However, we hear none of this in the arguments being presented today.

As a 73 year old male I remember the playing cards one could get at any Army surplus store that featured half naked women on the back. I remember the “Go Go Girls”. I remember the male counterpart, the “Chip and Dales”, where women were encouraged to fondle men, and put currency in the mans waist belt just as men were to do to the “Go Go Girls”. I remember the first playboy. Anyone remember “pin ups”? And that was 60 years ago, and the woman enjoyed it, not whining about it.

So, what is all the noise about now? This is not about consensual activities, nor is it about the perverted acts of the likes of Clinton, Trump, Moore, etc. It is the false argument of the women, and the renewal of the Feminist movement. It is about power, not the power of men, the power of women. That is the clarion call of the ones arguing this matter. More power for women. More feminization of the male. NOTHING about the removal of the man, the father, from the scene by the Courts, or by the feminizing of men.

What is being ignored are the children. Since the outgrowth of the feminist movement we have seen an increase in the destruction of the family. Children, which used to be called “latch key” children, are now running the streets as a group of the homeless. In our county it is estimated that between 750-2200 children sleep in other peoples beds, or on the streets, each night. And where is the mother, the one that Nature created to care for, to nurture, to protect, these children? She is furthering her career. She is seeking more “power”. And, in some instances, she is the one supporting her family.

How about the workplace. Women come out work all decked out in their finest, looking good with their makeup on, low cut blouses, high cut skirts, and ready for what may come. The men? All decked out in their suits and ties. (Of course this does not apply to the laborer, just the ones with an office. Had to put that in there before some snowflake got all offended) And then they wonder why the men look at them, and then yell “sexual harassment”.

Now, before the snowflakes show me how offended truth affects you, yes, this is about women, and their craving for power. If you wish to speak about men, and their search for power then start another topic, and don’t deflect from this. I am a proud male chauvinist, and nothing will change that. I come from a time when women actually appreciated their roles in society, and the family, and men honored them for it. So tell me, why is it that as women have gained more power in the workplace, or in politics, etc., the family has been torn apart, and more kids are dying from drug overdoses?
I would like to have been a coal baron in the late eighteenth century building my great house on my grand country estate whilst the plebs toiled relentlessly underground and made me rich beyond the comprehension of croesus.
Stebbings would have been at my beck and call organising my household and supervising a legion of hot and cold running peasants all indentured for and responding to my to every whim and pleasure. The little ma'amsahid would be rolled out on the odd occasion of a social gathering but otherwise busy herself with flowers or draperies or whatever it is the womenfolk employ themselves with; organising the menus and making sure cook was up with the latest from Paris. Deuced if that damned woman hasn't decided to change the upholstery in the drawing room again! Some damned new fabric from India or some such place. Blasted woman read about it in The Lady or some equally radical periodical, anyway, damned if I can be putting up with such nonsense I'll have to speak to Stebbings and get it sorted I suppose....
You’re not bitter by any chance are you ?
Yes, women should be obscene and not heard

Two stupid comments from the same person. Amazing. Nothing to address the post which is not unusual.

I spent 16 years of my life fighting this type of female ********* while my ex fed my 2 1/2 year old daughter prozac to keep her quiet. Then her step father used to stand in the bathroom door as she was taking a bath. And even though I won 80% of my court cases against the mother, and three appeals to the superior court of Iowa, and one case in the federal courts that set precedence for fathers, I still lost my parental rights. I gain little respite from the knowledge that I cost my ex-wife over 150,000 in legal fees, and the State of Iowa approximately 500,000 dollars.

I wonder at what time society is going to get tired of the whining of certain types of women, and "girlie men", and once again returns to the standards God, and nature, set forth for men, and women.
Banging on about women abusing men is a bit like complaining about how the native Americans treated the invaders

Wait a minute .....
Banging on about women abusing men is a bit like complaining about how the native Americans treated the invaders

Wait a minute .....

Like I said, no facts, just ignorance. Or do you think women don't abuse men, and should be believed everytime they make an allegation?

"In 2010, the largest survey of its type in the world – the US Centre for Disease Control's National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey – found that the rates of men being forced to penetrate women over the previous year were identical to the rates of women reporting being raped: 1.1%. Lifetime prevalence of the crimes were 4.8% for men and 17.8% for women. Meanwhile, men reporting sex through coercion was 1.5% over the past year (6% lifetime) compared with 2% (13% lifetime) for women."
I am near the same age as you are. I am 67, and sure, we were taught to be chivalrous, but mostly by husbands who beat their wives on Saturday night and passed the churches collection basket on Sunday while still hung over.

Most churches had sex key clubs in my area so I am not sure where you were raised, but to say that most of our fathers had the type of respect you speak of for their women and girls does not quite fit.

I also recall that when I was about 36 and checking the stats for female child sexual abuse in the home, that would have been 1986, something like 40 % of all girls were assaulted in one way or another.

We are getting more moral about sexual problems but have a hell of a long way to go. I have faith in the next generation if we do not screw them up.

When the POTUS can boast on camera about sexually assaulting women without consequence you know we have light years to go