Should Bush be impeached

It would never happen. IF we didnt boot Clinton out for embarrassing us we are not going to vote Bush out.
Bush has just made major mistake after mistake and he just doesn't appear competent enough to run the most powerful country in the world. If only we could kick him out of the white house I'd be the first one at the door ready to apply my boot to his behind. :banana:
Oh no, the big impeachment debate!

I am still up in the air about this. Even though the president is doing a lot of "sketchy" things, I am not sure that he can be impeached at this stage of the game.

We will just have to patiently wait to 2008!
I think he has crossed the lines of legality over and over and with a little background investigation someone can really build a case against him. With the new lawsuit that some in congress are filing things could change quickly.
First of all, impeachments are not convictions.

Second, this is a representative democracy. It is not for us to choose.
I have wanted him gone since his first term in office, but I highly doubt he will ever be impeached.