Should Cannabis Be Legal?

Should Cannabis Be Legalized?

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  • Medicinal Purposes Only

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Jul 3, 2006
I was just skimming through the site and I noticed that there was no cannabis discussions.

Do you think that cannabis should be legal and at what level? Should it be restricted like tobacco and alcohol?
It is legal in Holland, and even though I don't consume it or even tried it ever, but most of my friends are pot smokers and I don't think it is bad. I think it should be legal.
I don't see how legalization of cannabis would change the usage pattern that much, and think it should be legal. At least the government could somewhat regulate it that way (it can be laced easily), and even tax it. Increased death shouldn't be an argument: alcohol is legal, and look how many deaths that causes.
I think it should be legalized as well, but we aren't likely to see it either. Not with the banning of smoking in general going into effect the way it is.
I think it should be legalized as well, but we aren't likely to see it either. Not with the banning of smoking in general going into effect the way it is.
The banning of smoking doesn't mean that it is illegal to smoke. But the thing about cannabis is that it can be used in food... at least my friends make brownies with it to take ti into concerts and stuff like that!
I have done it when I was younger and though I don't think it is a bad drug considering what is now out I will say that I would not want my boys to just be able to go into a store and get it.
That being said I see no reason why people that are sick should not be allowed to use it.
Oh, I know how cannibis can be use lol!

Pure cannibis, without weird additives, is actually a fairly gentle drug and if it were legalized, it might just be possible to regulate what is in it. That said, the big problem with American cigarettes are the additives!
I agree that it should be legal. I doubt anyone who currently refrains from use would jump on a bandwagon and start rolling joints or whipping up some Alice B. Toklas style brownies. But if we are going to tax substances like tobacco and alcohol, why not do the same with cannibis?
I don't know if it should be legal or not. I can see the point in doing so, but if they legalize that, will it start people into pushing for other now-illegal drugs to become legal? I think it's something that needs to be looked at very carefully before doing something that will be difficult to undo should the need arise in the future.
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I seriously doubt that the legalization of marijuana would cause a huge run on legalizing other substances. I rather think that its legalization might cut down on other home grown substances like crystal meth, etc.
I am not sure how it would cut down on the other substances like you said. Maybe I am just not seeing how it would cut down on them? Haven't they basically opened some places in California where you can go in and get pot with a prescription now? Not a drugstore pharmacy but these places are just for getting pot. I thought I had read that somewhere.
Marijuana seems to be a step drug as it lends itself easily to consuming other drugs. Things tend to start off in small progressions.