Should human bodies be put on display?

Do you think Real Human bodies should be put on display?

  • yes

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • no

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • not sure

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Aug 8, 2006
Dr. Gunther von Hagens has used a process called Plastination to preserve approximately 200 human bodies and body parts which are now on display in the Body Works 2 exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. I am curious as to what people's oppinions are in regards to displaying actual human bodies.
Sounds pretty disgusting to me and I don't see the point other than scientific folly. At least the Egyptians had the decency to wrap the bodies in fabric.
I agree that there was really no reason for this doctor do create such an odd display, however I do think that this could hold great learning potential those who view it.

I must admit though, I watched a video showing some of the exhibit and it is more desturbing than I had anticipated. I still plan on viewing the exhibit and seeing what the pooular reaction seems to be.
I heard about this awhile ago from a relative who works at the museum. They said it has caused quite a stir within the community.

My reaction to this is fascination and disgust. I am interested in seeing the exhibit, while the idea of actual bodies being used is rather disturbing to say the least. I just wonder if they look real and not like plastic.
on the website they don't look like plastic, but I am planning to go today or tomorrow, so I will let you know.
there is an interesting video on the website also, that shows some of the exhibit.
Since this is the Bodyworlds 2 exhibit, it makes me wonder what went wrong with the first version of Bodyworlds.
I'm undecided. I wouldn't like to see it myself but i dont feel strongly about the matter either way. It doesn't hit a moral or ethical button.
I don't personally have any moral or ethical obligations with this exhibit because all of the bodies were donated by willing paople who were informed of the process, and who went to yearly meetings to discus it.
the people responsible for this exhibit actually have a good donation program I think.
I am intrigued but I wouldn't take my kids although the ad says you should. I can see how it might bother someone.
I can understand how someone may be bothered by such an exhibit, but I do think the scientific community should be able to produce them for educational purposes. I am anti-vivisection, and I suppose it is partially because of those beliefs that I support the use of donated human bodies for medical and educational purposes.

it is still up to the individual to decide if such an exhibit is for them, and to recognize if their children can handle such things. I would have been able to view it at a young age, but I know of many children who would not be allowed to see it. the responsibility falls on the parents.
Okay, I just looked at the website and I have to say, this is one of the most bizarre things I've come across. It definitely breaks some barriers. I do think that as a celebration of the wonder of the human body, this is a glorious.
I thought the controversy was more where the bodies came from rather than just putting them on display in general but I don't care. Go ahead, put 'em up as long as there's consent from donors and whatnot.
I can't say that I understand the reasoning behind it so unless I gain a clearer understanding my inclination is to say no.
I really don't see the point why this should even happen. I know I wouldn't want my family members on display. This is just too odd.
I really don't see the point why this should even happen. I know I wouldn't want my family members on display. This is just too odd.
The people who's bodies are in this display all decided while alive that they wanted to participate after their death. Anyone who decides to donate their bodies are also asked to attend a yearly meeting with representatives and scientists from the group responsible for the exhibit.
Don’t you think that based on this method of obtaining bodies, that it is not a bad option after death? People donate organs because they believe it is right, so what if someone truly wants to be a learning tool. (I didn't intend to be macabre, but whatever I like that one.) I think it is just another option, after all no one Is making you pay attention to the exhibit…