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Furious George

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Aug 1, 2006
I'm in a sticky situation. I recently started a new high school as a Senior, and my credits didn't transfer properly, nor will I get them back. So, I'm going to have to stay a whole extra year in school. Add that to the fact that I am certainly not a studious person. The very thought of school makes me cringe. I have absolutely not a shadow of a doubt in the back of my mind that I am capable of passing school, but an extra year to me, is well, depressing.

So, I have been researching, and I found the G.E.D. It's basically the equivalent of a High School Diploma, just not as challenging. I doubt I'll have an issue passing it, but my question is--would I get accepted into a GOOD College? I was thinking of perhaps going to a decent college (Engineering/CAD Design/Architecture) but I'm wondering if a GED is a good alternative route?

Another good thing that I have going for me is that my dad is starting a business on eBay, and since he's not too computer savvy, I could help him, and make some money while getting my G.E.D. I, of course, would work at minimum-two jobs. I have an excellent work ethic, so that really is not a question at all. This issue has been buggin' me for over a month now, and I think I'm coming to a crossroads where I have to make up my mind.

I'm not worried about being 'prepared' for College, either. My Mathematics, English, and Social Studies skills are already way above average, and if need be, I could always afford a tutor.

Anyone have any experience, or first-hand knowledge in this area?
Geesh i wish i could help you on this one but i suffered through the school system. I hated every minute of it myself so i understand where you are coming from. I dont know how a college would view a GED. Let us know if you do find out this information.

How about approaching a college you are interested in now and ask the question?
That's a good idea, but this has to happen soon. I'm probably going to go to a Community College for a year or two anyways.
I am not sure how colleges will react though it will probably depend on the college you want to get into (with community colleges being less strict.) Personally I think if possible it may be better to get your full high school degree. Then again it depends on you what emphisis you will put on school as opposed to other things
I put emphasis on education, but as I see it, there is an alternative (Although not as prestigious) way to get my education. I'm not aiming to making a million dollars, I just want a stable job in a profession I enjoy. I am moderately frugal, so saving money is not a question. As I stated, I have no aspirations to be the President, or a CEO. I would like a job in a field I like (Technology/CAD/Architecture) and I feel that going an alternate route is completely viable.
Well good luck to you whichever road you happen to go. It is a decision that is up to you. Personally i can understand how you would be tired of school as I was in my last semester of college.
My daughter is a senior who may not graduate, either, due to failing some key classes her freshmen year.

School has always been a struggle for her.

I do not recommend dropping out of school, and there are guidelines for taking GED tests so as not to encourage kids to drop out of HS and take the test. I don't think you can just drop our of school and go take a GED. You have to be 18, I think, and there has to be a reason why you can't just return to a regular HS to finish.

Otherwise - why wouldn't other kids do it to save time and go straight to college?
The profession you are choosing, shouldn't be a problem. It also depends on the college, but, with so many people home-schooling anymore, they are mych more open. I don't know if shcool like Brown and Yale would accept you, but when you interview, I would be sure to bend the truth a little when you interview. If asled why a G.E.D. don't tell them you hate schoo. Tell them you didn't want to have to wait another year to get into college because you are ready to move on. Also, your SATa and ACts will make a HUGE difference.
In your case, the G.E.D. might be a good idea because you would just repeating what you have already done but, for the average teen, I think is important to stay in high school to learn good study habits and owrk on social skills. Ask your paretns what they think. You don't have to be 18 and they have study courses for the G.E.D.