Small bomb explodes near military recruiting center in NYC


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Nov 5, 2007
A small explosion caused minor damage to a U.S. military recruiting center in New York's Times Square area in the early hours of Thursday but there were no injuries, police said. Police said an improvised explosive device caused minor damage to the building around 3:45 a.m. (0845 GMT).

The thick glass door was cracked and the lower part of its metal frame was twisted. The blast also shattered a window encasing the classic recruiting poster of Uncle Sam saying, "I want you."

The explosion occurred in the early hours of the morning, when there are few people in the often bustling area in the heart of Manhattan.

The U.S. Homeland Security Department said there was no sign of an immediate threat to the United States from the blast, and said the FBI was taking part in a probe of it.

The targeted building sits in a traffic island between Broadway and Seventh Avenue in Times Square, sometimes called the crossroads of the world.
Anti-war protesters periodically stage demonstrations there, and the building has also been hit by vandalism in the past.

Asked if there was a link to terrorism in the incident, Homeland Security Department spokeswoman Laura Keehner said the probe was still in its initial stages, but added "there is no credible information to suggest there is an imminent threat against the homeland at this time."

Police initially closed off the streets around the busy tourist and business area, but traffic was allowed through the square three hours after the explosion. Subway train operations through Times Square station were back to normal.
I wonder if this was intended to be a terrorist attack, or if it was anti-war activists?
just saw this on the news. it wasn't a really huge explosion, but still, how scary. they just released some surveillance video of a guy on a bike right before it exploded.
ABC News:
Police believe they may have found the bicycle used as a getaway vehicle by the Times Square bomber and no longer believe that a taunting letter sent to members of Congress has anything to do with the explosion.

Federal officials are, however, reviewing a stop made on the Canadian border a month ago that may hold clues to the bomber's identity.

The bicycle was found several blocks away from the Army recruiting station that was hit by a small device early Thursday morning, blowing out its window.

The 10-speed bike looked relatively new, but was nevertheless dumped in the trash at Madison Avenue and 38th Street and found by a building superintendent who called police.

"I don't think anyone was seen leaving the bike," said New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.
There's more info in the article, just wanted to provide a quick update.