Bush Administration Unites With Al Qaeda In Kosovo


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May 28, 2007

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America's war on terror has come full circle.

By pledging his support of Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia, President George W. Bush has sanctioned the genocide of thousands of Serbian Christians in the Balkans and the creation, thanks to al Qaeda, of a radical Muslim state at the doorway to Europe.
While the national press provided glowing coverage of these demonstrations as proof that the "Kosovars" were adamantly pro-America, few media outlets took notice that the demonstrations were preceded by the sacking of Christian churches and the burning of thousands of Serbian books.
But book-burning is the least of the sins of our new friend and ally. The Kosovars have also sacked churches, raped nuns, and mass-murdered approximately 4,000 Christian Serbs in and around the town of Srebrenica and its adjoining towns and villages (Bratunac, Skelani, Milici, et al) as well as the town of Gorazde.
Bush also pledged to increase the amount of foreign aid to the Balkan state from $77 million in 2007 to $335 million in 2008.
Kosovo had formally remained a part of Serbia even though it has been administered by the United Nations and NATO since 1999, when strategic NATO bombings ended the Serbian crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists.
Ninety percent of Kosovo's two million people are ethnic Albanian and Muslim— and they see no reason to stay joined to Christian Orthodox Serbia.
Despite calls for restraint in the wake of the announcement of Kosovo's independence, tensions flared on February 19 in northern Kosovo, home to most of the territory's 100,000 minority Serbs. An explosion damaged a U.N. vehicle outside the ethnically divided town of Kosovska Mitrovica, where thousands of Serbs chanted, "This is Serbia!"
The crowds in Kosovska marched to a bridge spanning a river dividing the town between the ethnic Albanian and Serbian sides. They were confronted by NATO peacekeepers guarding the bridge, but there were no outbursts violence.
Another 800 Serbs staged a noisy but peaceful demonstration in the Serb-dominated enclave of Gracanica outside Pristina.
The Serbs were not alone in their protests.
Former UN Ambassador John Bolton maintains that the creation of an independent Kosovo "will give a boost to Islam extremism." Bolton voices his agreement with Alekandr Botsan-Kharcenko, Russia's ambassador to the Balkans, who said: "Any unilateral declaration of independence by Pristina [capital of the new nation] would not be legal and could trigger separatist movements in the world and could undermine international order and the structure of international relations."
The turmoil in Kosovo began in 1989 when Slovodan Milosevic, president of Serbia and the Free Republic of Yugoslavia, set out to create a greater Serbia by annexing Kosovo. When the Kosovo assembly approved this measure, ethnic Albanians (the sanitized way of saying native Muslims) rebelled. In 1990 Milosevic dispatched troops into Kosovo to squelch the rebellion and restore order. In 1992, the ethnic Albanians responded to this military measure by establishing their own government in Kosovo - - the Republic of Kosovo - - with self proclaimed pacifist Ibrahim Rugova as its president.
With two governments in one tiny country, the situation quickly became downright ugly. In 1993 Milosevic ordered the arrest of thirty ethnic Albanians for planning an armed uprising. In 1995 a Serbian court sentenced sixty-eight members of Rugova's government to prison for setting up a parallel police force.
To aid in the struggle for independence, the ethnic Albanians turned to Osama bin Laden and the mujahadeen. Muslim warriors from Chechnya, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia traveled in droves to Kosovo. By 1995 more than sixty thousand holy warriors, including members of al Qaeda, had made their way to the Balkans to prepare for the struggle against Milosevic and the Christian Serbs.
Bin Laden visited the area three times between 1994 and 1996. In the wake of these visits, al Qaeda training camps popped up in Zenica in Bosnia and Malisevo and Mitrovica in Kosovo; elaborate command and control centers were set up in Croatia, Macedonia, and Bulgaria; and a central headquarters for the mujahadeen was established in Tropje, Albania, on the property of Sali Betisha, the former Albanian premiere. In addition, Bin Laden provided seven hundred million dollars to establish the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The purpose of the KLA was to drive Christian Serbs from Kosovo, to topple the government of Milosevic, to undermine the peace initiatives of Ibrahim Rugova, and to unite the Muslims of Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania into the Islamic Republic of Greater Albania.
By 1997, President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and Secretary of Defense William Cohen came to view the KLA as "freedom fighters." Millions in U.S. aid began to flow to the Muslim rebels. America, unbeknown to its citizens, was now in league with the terrorists who were intent upon the destruction of western civilization. Human history, going back to the tree-swinging apes, does not get much crazier than this.
By 1998, the KLA became a formidable army of 30,000 highly trained troops with sophisticated weaponry that included shoulder-launched antitank rocket launchers, mortars, recoilless rifles, and antiaircraft machine guns. From Tropje, the KLA began to conduct hit and run terror attacks throughout Kosovo. They bombed police stations, killed scores of police officers and government workers, and desecrated Christian cemeteries.
Milosevic, in outrage, responded by burning homes and killing dozens of KLA foot soldiers in the Drenica region. A full-scale conflict erupted, culminating in the infamous massacre of January 15, 1999, when the bodies of forty-five ethnic Albanians were discovered in a gully near the small village of Racak.
Confronted with the crime of genocide, Milosevic insisted that the bodies had been planted by the KLA to implicate the Serbs and to justify Western involvement in the conflict. Milosevic's claims were supported by investigative journalists from Le Figaro and Le Monde, who discovered that the bodies had been placed in un-natural positions; that the site of the so-called "massacre" was devoid of cartridge shells; and that the villagers were unable to identify a single victim.
Convinced that Milosevic was engaging in ethnic cleansing, President Clinton summoned his NATO allies and began a bombing campaign that reduced Kosovo to a heap of rubble. At the start of the campaign, Secretary of Defense Cohen said that 100,000 ethnic Albanians of military age were missing and may have been deported by the Serbs to Albania and Macedonia. "They may have been murdered," Cohen added.
Between March 24 and June 10, 1999, 37,465 bombing missions took place, destroying 400 Serbian artillery weapons and 270 armored personnel carriers, and causing 1.4 ethnic Albanians to flee for their lives - - the greatest mass migration of refugees since World War II.
Milosevic and the Serbs were forced to toss in the towel. THE REAL ETHNIC CLEANSING
The Muslims wasted no time in exacting their pounds of flesh. More than two hundred Christian churches and monasteries were destroyed before the NATO peace-keeping force. Some of these Christian shrines, including the Devic Monastery, the Cathedral of St. George, and the Monastery of the Holy Archangels, had been built in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Reports surfaced of mass executions of Serbian farmers, the murders of scores of priests, the rape of nuns, and "granny killings" - - the drowning of old Christian women in bathtubs.
Of the two hundred thousand Serbs who lived in Kosovo before the conflict, only four hundred remained after Kosovo became a NATO protectorate. The vast majority of the Christians had gathered their belongings and fled for their lives. The 400 Serbs who remained in Kosovo were sequestered in three gloomy apartment buildings, where the international police stood guard day and night.
In the aftermath of the war, hundreds of Wahhabi mosques and schools, thanks to the contributions of wealthy Saudis, now appeared in every town and hamlet throughout the country. The back-door to Europe had been pried open by bin Laden and the mujahadeen for the drug trade and the movement of weapons of mass destruction.
In 2000, NATO dispatched forensic teams from fifteen countries and eight human-rights organizations into Kosovo to find the killing fields and evidence of Milosevic's crimes against the ethnic Albanians. Mass murder is difficult to hide. One need only recall the entry of war-crime inspectors into Nazi Germany, Cambodia, and Rwanda to understand that the execution of thousands of people leaves behind massive and undeniable evidence for the world to see. But the bodies of the ten thousand victims of Milosevic's "reign of terror" were nowhere to be found.
The claims of the Clinton administration were based on flawed intelligence from the CIA.
Despite the failure to uncover mass graves, Milosevic was accused of crimes against humanity and placed on trial in February 2002 before an international criminal tribunal in The Hague. There was scant chance that he would receive a favorable verdict. The United States, in an unprecedented move, demanded and received the right to censor all evidence. Slobodan's goose was cooked. He was found dead in his cell on March 11, 2006, after court officials denied his request to seek medical treatment at a cardiology clinic.
:D this state built by Al Qaeda:confused: :eek:

oh yeah, just because they say they are a democracy they must be a democracy. yeah.
they are a democracy that will vote for Sharia Law. kinda like Pakistan. and isn't Pakistan home of AQ? oh yeah, it is.

I'm not sure what the US is doing in foreign relation with this area. maybe wishful thinking that they will be an ally and allow us a base there.
You are aware Kosovo is in Europe and runs under a democratic system already.

yes, I am talking about how as completely separate from Serbia, as a 90% Muslim nation, and a Democracy...If it works out, then Muslim nations in the middle east will have to try to hide those Success...so as to not make the Muslims there want Democracy even more.
oh yeah, just because they say they are a democracy they must be a democracy. yeah.
they are a democracy that will vote for Sharia Law. kinda like Pakistan. and isn't Pakistan home of AQ? oh yeah, it is.

I'm not sure what the US is doing in foreign relation with this area. maybe wishful thinking that they will be an ally and allow us a base there.

Pakistan is not "home to AQ" it is simply one place where some of its leadership is currently hiding....AQ's home is...SA, Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, West Pakistan...It has no home

Also you know what, if they vote and want Sharia Law, that's there business...its about as shocking as how a lot of voters in the US want to live under Christan Law....Both are just as bad to me.
yes, I am talking about how as completely as a 90% Muslim nation, and a Democracy....


UNMIK forensic team excavating remains of killed Serbs. Victims were brought to the verge of the cave and executed by KLA extremists. Dozens of Serb bodies were found in the last five years on different locations throughout the Province.


Drive-by kills Kosovo Serb teenager


Dimitrije Popovic, a Serb teenager killed by Kosovo Albanian extremists
in a hamburger shop in Gracanica, June 5, 2004


Cathedral church of St. George in Prizren after it
was burned by Albanian mob

Did you see this in democratic American media????????????


is this democracy for you?????????????????
Bokile, I'm going to ask you to stop posting such graphic images on the site.

You can link to them, so long as you warn people what they're about to see, but don't directly post them to threads, okay? Thanks.
they are a democracy that will vote for Sharia Law.

So...they shouldn't have a choice? Is that what you're saying?

Why is it that you can never seem to just go ahead and say what you're trying to say?
When the Latinos in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, demand an independent country, will the US support them?

When 92% of those states are Latino and they feel as though their differences with Washington are too great to overcome, when something that even approximates the level of animosity that exists between the Serbs and the Albanians, when the United Nations is required to step in to make sure that the situation is both secure and fair - then maybe yes, we should let them go.
When the Latinos in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, demand an independent country, will the US support them?

maybe who knows, depends on the situation. Texas was in fact its own nation already, and all of those states I believe at one point where part of Mexico.
I know I wish the Deep South, aka the Bible belt area, would just ask to leave. Would make me very happy.