Stand off in Nevada

Im not making Texas Tea sad. I defend the Tea Party. Theyre our only hope to break up liberal America.
No, you're not making me sad steve. But, I do think you need to read up a bit on this topic. You are falling for the Clinton era propaganda surrounding the bombing. The information is out there for all to see with just a bit of research.
I don't support Hillary. Shes the same B.S as Obama is. When she gets in office nothing will change. It will be the same B.S for the past 25 years
Heres another thing about Cliven Bundy. He says a lot of bad things about Blacks and Slavery. But he praises Mexicans. And does anyone remember David Koresh? He said a lot of nutty things and he refused to pay taxes and heres the Decision Janet Reno did.
And this is the payback by the militia army.
The fact was Tim McVeigh was recruited by the militia army. And what the Feds did to Cliven Bundy and killed his cows.The militia army wont forget the Feds for this, and they will see a payback in the future so they better be on guard this time around. The militia army will target some federal building with federal agents in there just like federal agents were killed in Oklahoma city by Tim McVeigh.
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