Story of one man who left the Republican Party but refused to join the Democrats


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Apr 7, 2007
A pox on both their parties

I'm leaving the GOP, but not for the Democrats


Last weekend, I announced my not-so-Earth-shattering decision to leave the Republican Party. In the era of George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I simply have had enough. While I've been pleased by the correspondence I've received, most of it from other disaffected Republicans who are sick of the party's abandonment of its stated "liberty" principles, I've left some readers confused about where my allegiances now lie.

Here's my chance to elaborate a little further.

The country has devolved so much into a two-party system that many folks believe that if you abandon one party, you must necessarily take up common cause with the other one. Yet if a restaurant gives you a choice between eating food laced with rat poison or with arsenic, you might want to eat somewhere else, even if it's a long drive until the next rest stop and even if the new restaurant hasn't gotten great reviews.

So ... no, I have not become a Democrat. I haven't criticized Democrats too much in recent months, mainly because it's so pointless.

Let me reiterate the obvious reasons why I will not return to the party of my youth. It's long been clear to believers in free markets and limited government that the Democratic Party is committed mostly to European-style socialism. Ever fearful of the free market and hostile to the free choices individuals would make if left on their own (with the sole exception being what they call "reproductive freedom"), the Democrats ceaselessly advocate for more government control of the economy, more far-reaching cradle-to-grave social programs – never mind that such programs can't sustain themselves over the long term, and that government "services" are notoriously wretched compared with those offered by market-based companies in a competitive environment.

Listen to the Democratic presidential candidates argue over who proposes the most gigantic government-controlled health care system, with only one candidate (John Edwards) honest enough to admit such a scheme will require massive tax increases. Being a Democratic candidate means that good intentions are more important than rigorous analysis. The party expresses one constant concern: how to get "greedy" working stiffs to shift more of their income to the government sector. As that sector has gotten bigger, with more than half of all Americans receiving support from government or working directly for some agency, it's become easier to call for more government.

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Very Good article Truth-Bringer. I'm glad you posted it because I'm in the very same boat right now. Most of that article I believe was right even about the Republicans. Some of the things the Republicans do seem harsh because they are done on principle which I like and is what works but they are NOT conservative anymore on the National stage because of voter-chasing and the Neo-con take-over I had only learned about recently. The Republicans are really the old-democrats and the democrats are European Socialist[s who take advantage of blacks and hispanics.] [edited by MarkVI]

I am a conservative which I thought was what the Republican party represented because my father is a Republican. Unfortunately, only segments are and it's going to continue to increasingly become more liberal for reasons I have talked in length about with you. I have a label. I'm a Paleoconservative, an Old-school American, a true American, a man of real American stock , whatever you want to call me and my ideology, the ideology of our ancestors that built this country and fought for it is becoming a political orphan. Neocons are against the Paleocons and are trying their hardest to push them out of the political arena.

But the NeoCons and especially the Liberals represent massive loss of liberty and control. I for one am sick of seeing anglos who were raised in poor neighborhoods speak and dress like blacks, having to pay the government money that I don't even know what the hell it's for, being told by 'teachers' that religion is false. And I'm especially sick and tired of having this expectance from me that I'm supposed to think a certain way like I'm supposed to be this figure to represent a certain way of thinking in this bracket of time when all they really are is a bunch of brainwashed fools and morons that feel naturally threatened and uncomfortable when someone challenges their programmed transparent thinking. I'm thinking of joining the Constitution party but I'm not exactly sure if I really support their more specific platform and agenda. They are paleocons however but I'm just not sure on what they really represent but they are the third largest party in America.
Conversely, I'm a former member of the Democratic Party who would never join the Republican Party.