Support your Small Businesses People


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Nov 29, 2020
It's been coming and more and more "regular" people who have tried to make a b usiness go have had to give up and close down after a lot of their blood sweat and I'm sure tears.

My sister and her husband worked hard to open their Home Furnishings store in NJ and into it about 10 yrs had to give up....the BIG GUYS were eating them up.

Now with Covid it's happening more and more and my once great city of 80K people, stores, restaurants etc etc are closed down, boarded up. Will life as it was. come back??? Hard to know, maybe we'll see it all in 5 yrs or so...

So for me and I do my Best NOT to support the Big Guys and specifically Amazon, I do have to on occasion but can get some of the things that I can buy on Amazon from ebay sellers....I want to support these hard working "little" workers. And for my supplement purchases I go to the family owned businesses in my area first and at a distance if I have to.

As for the big fish eating the small fish, I don't buy into that sick stuff....we are all in this big pond to survive and need to help each can do what they need to do, but we Humans need to help one another....

Peace Out People....