The ACT test


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Oct 10, 2006
Yesterday I had to take the famous ACT test. You know - the one you have to take before any college will let you in?

Let me just say that the test was darned hard. I did great on the English and reading, but the math and science were impossible. By the groans, sighs and moans of the other kids in the room, I'm sure I wasn't the only person who did more guessing than answering with my brain.

They gave me 35 minutes to answer 40 of the most impossible science equations on earth. Why would it take me 35 minutes to color in boxes?
I like the way you put it- "Why would it take me 35 minutes to color in boxes"...especially as I've sat in maths competitions where you have an hour to color in 30 boxes...and on Monday I have an 100 multiple-choice question exam that lasts...2 hours.

But yeah. Really kinda makes you think about what's become of life and living in this day and age doesn't it.
I just can't imagine, that no matter how long I had to study for this test - that I'd ever understand those math and science equations.

I'm not cut out for it.
What these tests [and school in general] fail to realize, is that people operate differently. I personally can't stand paperwork, but can go on in discussions and debates until I collapse from sleep deprivation. This, naturally, makes me a poor student. I have a good friend, who is probably one of the most intelligent beings I have ever had the pleasure to speak to, and gets horrible grades. If I asked him to write me a 10 page thesis on any philosoph, economy, political system, he would undoubtedly knock the socks off of the likes of Chomsky, etc. But, his studies always suffer. The same goes for me [minus genious]. Which I find totally unfair. The last time my 'learning style' was addressed was back in 8th grade when we did some half-assed study on how we learned best. How depressing...
Heh, I have a similar story- for me though I do find some value in trying to find the way the system works...if there is any to be had. My 3 hour written was a case in point about how the exams weren't just bs, they did a good job of actually testing our ability to become well-rounded clinicians... :'(
I actually liked the ACTs much better than the aren't penalized for guessing. I did a bit better on them for the SATs. Still, I generally loathe standardized tests. A college near me recently said they are no longer considering or acception ACT/SAT scores. I wish more colleges would follow suit, and take into greater consideration things like essays, grades, and recommendations.
The reason for the ACT/SATs is so they know where the student's are educationally speaking. They need to know how many remedial teachers they'll have to have for those students who score low on parts of the test. Or, they have to keep out the students that scored way too low so they don't have to hire remedial teachers for them.
English im fine but science and maths just dont go down well for me im afraid!
Its all those numbers and equations it gives me a migraine hehe.