The anti-vaccine movement

People don't know when to STOP procreating and that's WHY population has gone wild. I had 2 or 3 vaccines in my 82 yrs and 1 Child.
Fact 1: the virus is killing, not the vaccine.
Fact 2: world population growed tremendously in the last hundred years, in part because of vaccination
Scott, woke up on what used to be a Happy Easter time in my life, to:

All this is thinning out world population, reduce population, depopulation, whatever one chooses to call it, Gates and the Rich are all connected worldwide to accomplish this.

These are the Enemies Folks.

A fraud designed to crash the economies of countries around the world for Klaus Schwab's depopulation. Share this information guys it's really important. We need to see people around the world protesting and arresting the NWO controllers at the UN and World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Endowment). These are the real enemies. Focus on them not the parties. They want you to attack government officials as a distraction so the controllers stay in place. They can always get new people elected to do their bidding.
More and more reports on how the vaccinated millions are killing and damaging more and more. Dr. Robert Malone the man who came up with the MRNA technology says this as well.

And more and more agree, we've become a communist country, or they are trying to make us that.
If you dont need a mask because god will protect you, why do you need a gun?
...God tells good Christians to turn the other cheek and to trust in the Lord and his merciful justice....
...but God tell's rednecks to shot whatever friggin demon's messin' with their rights and y'all don't be pissin' him awf!!

say's so in the good book....P'a'raise...jeee'zuz...