the craziness of conspiracy theories


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Apr 7, 2022
Its amazing how long they can persist with no evidence. The fools who believe them are "true believers", no matter what.

Take the "stolen election" stupidity. Its been 2 YEARS..and not a shred of credible independent evidence has turned up, regardless of the frantic efforts of republicans to find it. Courts have found no credible evidence, including trump-appointed judges. All they have are stupid things like "2000 mules" which claim to show something, but don't because its just an edited, biased movie. They will claim things like the georgia ballot box shuffle video proves it and yet, for all the independent people who have seen it, not one agrees it shows something wrong. Basically, "true believers" will see what they want to see. Its really actually quite sad.

January 6th is the latest..evidence is being "suppressed"...including things that have been posted on the internet. lol.

These days, with the prevalence of cell phones, social media, the internet, video cameras, etc, you can't spit on the sidewalk without being caught, and yet somehow these massive undertakings involving a zillion people can remain hidden for so long. hahahahhahah