The Great British Police State

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Apr 1, 2008
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Kindda beggars belief really..........

A council has used powers intended for anti-terrorism surveillance to spy on a family who were wrongly accused of lying on a school application form.

In areas where good schools are scarece some families will lie to get their kids into a particular school. This practise is to say the least unfair but to use such powers...well above and beyond the levels of sanity and decency really!

Poole borough council disclosed that it had legitimately used the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) to spy on the family.

This has led to fears that parents all over the country could be monitored by councils cracking down on those who bend the rules to get their children into a good school.

The Act was pushed through by the Government in 2000 to allow police and other security agencies to carry out surveillance on serious organised crime and terrorists. It has since been taken up by councils to catch those carrying out any "criminal activity".

Britain and the British people are probably the most spied upon in the western world, we use anti-terrorism legislation to check on a school application form - please tell me what the f**k is going on?

We have a country where political liberlism favours the criminal rather than the victim, the terrorist over the citizen and now we have councils spying on mothers trying to get their kids in schools. We can mobilise chase teams and surveilance operations against a mother but when one needs assistance or are in danger there are no police on the streets - if you call for help you are told "no one available" - if you defend yourself - you become the criminal. (if you survive).

However, James Welch, of the human rights pressure group Liberty, said: "It's one thing for anti-terror police to use covert surveillance, but it has come to a pretty pass when it becomes the tool of the school catchment area police. This is a disproportionate and unnecessarily intrusive use of RIPA."

Something's really sick in this f**king Country!!

Yeah, its scary. So is the fact that we have lost the right to silence and a trial under some circumstances and nobodys seems to be bothered or even be aware of it.
.............. nobodys seems to be bothered or even be aware of it.

Absolutely!! It confuses the hell outta me....we get so uptight and vocal about a bunch of bloody Tibetans and their plight, but we meekly capitulate and accept without so much as a squeak to some of the most draconian anti-democratic laws in the civilised world!!??

Maybe the Tibetans should protest for our rights on their streets ;)