The next president?

Here's how I feel. Personally, I would prefer someone like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney because we agree more politically. Guliani is (1) pro-choice (2) pro-gay marriage and (3) pro gun control -- three issues that strongly differ from my own.

However, more than anything else, our country needs to be united. We need someone who can get 55% of the vote; someone who can win in Texas and California.

If we think back to Reagan days, when he took office our country was in shambles -- torn apart. He was able to unite us and that's what we need most.

Partisanship will be the thing to kill this country. We need someone who can do this: and this: and I believe that Rudy has the best shot.
I like Rudy Guiliani, but I think he is too moderate for the Republicans. I just do not see them nominating him.

A dark horse? Colin Powell. After his Barbara Walters interview, he is back in my good graces.

I am a moderate Democrat; so the fact that these two Republicans could sway me is very interesting to me. I must have hit my head or something.