The real questions are

Eve was screwed. But it's not her fault.

Lillith preceeded her and got jerked around for not being subservient enough.

Anyway, everyone knows snakes can't talk.

I've always admired Lillith...If the serpent had approached her instead of Eve? Lillith would have eaten from the Tree of Life instead of the Tree of Knowlege first. :D Talk about a whole different history of mankind that would have resulted...LOL!

Did I say that?

What's more important for a President?

Leadership qualifictions?

Religious qualifications?

"Religious qualifications" preclude leadership qualifications?

Golllllleeeee gee - who'da thunk it! :p

And governor of massachusetts is a religious job?
*raises hand* I know I personally am to blame for every abortion, every failed attempt at peace in the middle east, and the extensive destruction of Chernobyl.

they don't give you boobs for nothing.