The Zionists are at it again!

Thats a pretty interesting article. Its definately hard to blame israel though, if you were surrounded by countries who's stated objective was to wipe you off the map you'd want nukes too.

I kinda wonder if their own version of MAD and a cold war might cool things off in the middle east. If they cant invade and mindlessly kill eachother for a few decades maybe they can calm down to the point that people forget how mad they were and decide to move on. As a rule I'm not a fan of any country other than mine having nukes, but as long as they do maybe theres an upside.
Wow, now that is something to let just "slip" out. I don't know how this will effect the situation in that area. You would think it might make other countries find a way to come to peace in that area knowing that Isreal now does have Nukes but I don't really see that happening.
I say good for them! Iran is developing nukes, which is a scary thought in and of itself. Israel has every right to defend itself. I'm not looking forward to a nuclear war, but I have a feeling it's going to happen, one way or another.
I agree and think it's a matter of time, but still. Accidentally finding something is pretty sketchy in my book. Then again, no government is exactly truthful, are they?
I would agree it sure seems like we are headed for a nuclear war. I sure hope I am wrong though. It just scares me to even think about where this world in heading.
Guess that's why there are so many people turning to religion. At least there's some hope for a future, depending on which "religion" you're following. :shrug:
I was thinking about this more and I'm betting it wasn't an accidental disclosure. If you have nukes, sure you have them for their pure defensive power. However, if your neighbor is aiming their nukes at you, you want their deterrent effects as well. To get those effects you have to disclose that you posses them.

I'd lay odds Israel was under some pressure not to admit their weapons program because of some UN problems, or problems for allies and the like. They needed an "oopsie" way to get the message across to their enemies that they can defend themselves without coming off threatening and without pissing off whoever gave them their nukes *cough*
Gee, I wonder who that was? *rolls eyes*

Very funny how it's a good idea to "share" nukes until the political climate changes again.