Threatening to not concede


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Nov 2, 2006
What do you think of politicians who refuse to concede defeat in a very close election? Do you think it's a good call, or a selfish move on their part? I personally find it's almost like, "C'mon! You've lost already!"
I would have to agree that it would have to be decided on a case by case basis. I would rather take the time and make sure the voting results are correct than just put someone in that did not really win the election. A lot of times you only see this when there is a very close race or they have legitimate reasons to think the results are wrong. And with the way the election process has went in some places recently I really cannot blame them if they want a recount before they concede.
Well... if you haven't noticed, we've had a president in office for years that didn't win. I think it's amazing. Isn't this supposed to be a democracy?
You know what I don't get is why we really need the electorial vote? I will admit that I don't know alot about it but I would think it should just be who gets the most votes across the board.
I don't really understand the electoral vote anymore either! I think it's an outdated mechanism that needs to be either revised or done away with completely.
Bush won according to the rules, which no one has seen fit to change. You can't blame the guy if our democratically elected reps to the college democratically elected the guy a minority of the population voted for. (I think he did get the majority the second time around, so it obviously wasn't that big of a travesty in the mind of most voters.)

It's definitely an outmoded system, but it rightfully has a high hurdle to change (constitutional amendments are intentionally hard to do) but at least the problem only comes up in very close races. Our democracy has a margin of error of a few percent because of it. There are worse things to worry about.
I wasn't talking about electoral - I was talking about the fact that it took a month to recount the votes until he finally won. It was disgraceful.