US election-2008 and Pakistan


Dec 20, 2007
It appears very interesting for the readers of world politics that in this elections campian 2008, the US presidential candidates hailing from the Democrat or Republican desk,do figure out their profound concerns about the affairs in Pakistan, particularly the realm of Pakistani politics has become the mother subject of their debates, which has become more volatile after Benazir Bhutto's assasssination in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.The policies priorites set by Democrats and the strategic preferences pointed out by the Republicans , do advocate the fact that Pakistan has been the core subject in this election drive.Factually, the emerging international political dynamics have been the root cause of this inclusion of Pakistan in the US-envisaged politics about the world affairs. Nevertheless,whosoever may win the elections 2008, there seems to be a driving need of pragmatism regarding the US-opted policy towards Pakistan.