US Iran report branded dishonest

Truthfully, i don't know who to trust anymore. It just seems like everyone is out for themselves. What can i get if i do this type mentality.
It's a bit hard indeed. I do remember the civilian body count not being the same from american sources and insider sources...but then again...
I wouldn't trust the Bush Administration on this one anymore than I have trusted him thusfar. AKA. not at all.
This is insane. Even if Iran is building a nuclear power

The United States has 106 nuclear power plants...Iran is TRYING to build ONE......who's the bigger threat to world security?
I think the concern presumes that "if Iran is building a nuclear power plant, they are doing so with the intention to create nuclear weapons". How likely is this? Debatable, obviously. But there probably is much room to point out a bunch of inconsistencies and double-standards here- of the uneccessary variety.