USA without privacy?

Now it gets ridiculous. Or shall I say, bizarre?

Do I need to have a Facebook account to make a visit to the US? I have none and if I had one, theres no way I would give my passwords to any agency.

I'm personally affected as we are planning our first trip to the USA in sommer and already bought plane tickets. If I, as a citizen from a very safe country, will not be able to make my visit and will loose money from my diverse bookings, I will take this personally, like many tourists.

Due to the paranoia after 911 the USA already lost significant business. I, like many others, had invested in several servers located in the USA (running this site and other sites for me and my customers). I had them in the USA because of the great service I received and because of the reasonable prices here.
All these servers were migrated back to Europe due to privacy concerns.

You may argue, that its only me and my devisions are personal and will have no great effect to the US economy. But I'm not alone and there are many tourists and there are many businesses like mine, many of them bigger than mine.

I love the USA, but the US administration is only one step away from a border.
Just see to it you don't post anything on Twitter that's more outrageous than what our president posts routinely.