Vivisection... ???


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Aug 8, 2006
What do you think of the utilization of Vivisection in the medical, cosmetics, and other fields?
This thread is to discuss and debate any and all forms of vivisection, lemme know how you feel.
Animal testing is a debated issue...
Should human subjects be used?
Should anesthesia be used?
Should Euthanasia be used?
Are computer models viable alternatives to animal subjects?

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Getting snappy are we?

I was mearly asking for an example so that other users that might not know why this is controversial could comment.
I'm not sure how it could ever be justified for things like cosmetics....

As for other fields i think their are a lot more alternatives coming out including in vitro, computer models and others. Plus animal experimentation is often not very accurate. Their have been many drugs that are safe in humans but dangerous to animals and vise versa. Plus i think in the 21st century we should be using far more modern methods.
The percentage of results that are accurate for humans is about 20%.
The other 80% of results obtained from animal subjects is just junk data. (Approximate Percentages)
Testing on Animals has actually caused human deaths in the medical field due to inaccurate testing of medicines... Vioxx anyone?
As for cosmetics… pure junk, pay a woman to test that new ultra mascara…she’ll do it.
If it is true that most of the data is junk, then I see no real reason to do it. If it is not junk data than I put humans above animals and let the testing begin!