What brings you peace?


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Jul 14, 2006
When you are stressed out or emotional what brings you back to the center or aka your happy place?
Lots of things. It's circumstantial. Music, comedy, cigarettes, crying, time alone, time with a good friend, etc.

Often doing things that remind me of Japan.
For me its music first. I need to find a song that has the emotions i am feeling to channel it into. Then i love to walk to the ocean if its really bad. Sex helps with depression. If im feeling violent i need to write it out.
Basically trying to be in the present moment at all times and to see things as they really are. Often we are distracted by too many thoughts in our head or responsibilities or other things. By focusing on the present i am often able to see through these things and do what i need to do more effectivly. It helps me get through some very stressful days.
A bunch of things floated into my mind...e.g. writing, drawing, music (this one in particular helps me keep my sanity), jumping around like an idiot...but in the end mainly exercise self-awareness. I am rarely stressed to the point that I cannot handle myself, because I normally am aware of myself and surroundings to the point of being able to maintain control. That's the thing though- I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to certain parts of myself (but in general other places I'm very easygoing).
When you are stressed out or emotional what brings you back to the center or aka your happy place?

I don't really experience any stress. Periodically at work, but not for more than 15 minutes at a time, once or twice a month.

And if I do get stressed, I just talk about it.
Flinging on a Pixies album and letting the sublime melodies wrap my head in blankets of sound. On a broader note, music soothes me more than anything.
No, not yet, but I'll have to try it.

My particular favorite tea is ti kuan yin. Very expensive, but well-worth the price.
Reading, music, walking my dog, camping, my religeon, family. I used to suffer great bouts of depression. I implement all of these into my life and when thigns get tough, I have to sometimes force myself to do them but, I haven't had a problem with depression in years. I woudl say that my religeon, my kids and my dog are probably the 3 things that really complete me and bring peace on a constant level.
For me it's working in my garden. It's relaxing and takes me out of myself. Time passes quickly and when it's over, I not only feel refreshed, I've accomplished something!
What brings me back is a nice hot bath with the door locked so the kids cannot get in. And reading a very good book. Sometimes taking a nap will do wonders to but that doesn't come very often at my home.