What do you make of this guy?

I fear this a ploy to get money and/or fame and power. He claims sin no longer exists, that there is no such thing as the devil, and that prayer is a waste of time. He also accuses all other religious leaders of being liars. Not surprisingly, he has nothing against the collection plate. The video tells of how some of his followers have given him cars!

Clearly, someone taking advantage of people.
I would agree with you FourBear 100%. The sad fact though is that people will believe this crap and send money. I don't get it.
For just about any type of ideas, there is an audience out there somewhere. All one has to do is find the audience and you can be off and running.

This sort of thing turns me off, simply because of the bigoted approach. True, some religious leaders are liars and hypocrites; many are not. Some religious organizations are more interested in power and influence than in the well being of their adherents; many are not. Lumping everyone under one umbrella and demonizing all persons of faith is no more ridiculous in my mind than saying that this race or that gender are all alike. it just ain't so.
I'm still mystified as to why a reputable tv station would give him 6 minutes of prime air time to report on it. Heck, they don't even give the Pope THAT much time! Maybe they're supporting him, too?!
Good question mamab. Never really thought about why the station gave him the airtime. I would hope that as a tv station that they are not supporting them. But I guess they could be.
Pfft, false prophets are a dime a dozen. It depends on how many we have to suffer in our locality, on our airwaves or lording over our religions.
Unfortunately, it seems like we have to deal with more and more false prophets thanks to internet and television access.
Bingo! We must be careful never to mistake availability/exposure bias for empirical absolutes.
The wonders of the modern age also give us quicker and more frequent acess to crackpots. I doubt we have any more now than we ever had running around. it is just that with electronic communications at their fingertips, they can reach a wider audience.

Fortunately, I still know how to use my remote and use my mouse as well...