What happens when political ideologues control government agencies or courts, like the current conservative majority on SCOTUS?

As soon as the corrupted FBI took over the case the investigation was shut down and Rich's laptop was taken and hidden from public for years while the FBI said they did not have it. What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with those people who see no problem or corruption in such perversions of justice?

Rich was likely murdered by gangsters employed by the DNC to deal with him for leaking the DNC emails to Assange. Now that the FBI is in charge of the investigation we can be assured the investigation is essentially dead and will never be solved. Mueller never even got close to examining the Seth Rich link to the DNC email transfer that democrats blamed on Trump and Russia but Crowdstrike did testify before Congress that the emails were not stolen through hacks but were exfiltrated from inside DNC offices by someone with direct access to DNC computers.
Of course. It's those evil democrats again. Mention some appropriate punishment to god next time you're talking to him.
Post your proof from congress and show the date is after what I posted
And no, anyone can download from a computer if they have gotten access not just 8nsiders
That's exactly what hacking is
God you are totally stupid
The DNC emails sent to Assange were not hacked but downloaded by an insider within the DNC.