Why I Think That America Lost World War II and the Cold War

Jeffrey Neuzil

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Nov 30, 2007
Why I Think That America Lost World War II and the Cold War

In reference to a certain "key" reference in Strauss' "ON Tyranny," which is a prominent "signature" of the assassins: this reference is a very clever and revelatory remark by Strauss, and nowhere is his diabolism more in eveidence, for in this instance, he will link his association to the assassination of John Fitgerald Kennedy to a past assassination—that of President Abraham Lincoln (Cf. Abraham Zapruder and his, providential film of the assassination): Strauss, in the Gourevitch and Roth Translation to "On Tyranny," says to Kojeve regarding his "method" of "approaching" the "violent interpretation" (Heidegger's terminology) of texts that he would "rather enter through a 'keyhole' than through a door": —
A very intriquing reference, which I think reveals almost the whole case—it unlocks as it were—the fundamental premises of the assassination of JFK: For who was it that assassinatied a president through a "keyhole": John Wilkes Booth; there is a similar coment about entering through a keyhole in one of Nietzsche's texts—and this is a very damning remark in light of the historical tragedy of Camelot, the shots of which were "ringing" in the ears of Dr, Strauss as he brazenly taught his course on Xenophon's "Heiro" in that fateful fall of 1963: The hole on the cover of "Thoughts on Machevelli"—the future hole in JFk's "thoughts" was the signature of the assassin, and the 1962 publication of "Essays on the Scientific study of Politics," with its ominous "An Epilogue," by Strauss foreshadowed the murder of chief executive Kennedy and the "epilogue" to Camelot;.
Moreover the references in tha work to the reduction of political science to "method" and "logic" refer to the technologies I have elsewhere explained that confered "mastery and Posession of Nature on the University of Chicago (Einstein's Special theory of relativity, his General Theory of Relativity, Rudolph Carnap's "Aufbau," and his Logical Syntax of Language," gave the University of Chicago the technological tools to peer in to the future and "prepare" as a matter of "social engineering" Nietzsche's revolution referered to in Strauss' version of "Beyond Good and Evil" or his "What is Political Philosophy," and the biological and cosmological dimensions of that revolution were revealed by Strauss in his remark in "An Epilogue," that both the "Nuclear age needs a nuclear political science." and that the most fastidious attention had to be paid to the toilet training of children (Cf. Freud) in order to structure the revolution correctly, and that a "Judicious mating of Dialectical materialism (see Hegel/ Marx/Nietxsche/ the Vienna Circle ) and psychoanalysis was consummated on a bed supplied by logical positivism," which reveals the origins and foundation—the basis and genesis, if you will for the Platonic (monogenesis, see "Timaeus": The One Father)/ Maimonidean (see Arthur Currie Maimon)/ Nietzschean ground of eugenic experimentation—which, I contend, involved a transformation of man and world—a trnansformation corresponding to the two volumes of "The Secret Doctrine" by the Russian Blatavasky, the founder of "Theosophy," "Anthropogenesis," and "Cosmogenesis."
These acts included the nuclear destruction of two cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, caused a world-wide shift in the intelligence distribution, killed hundreds of thousands of people, and, moreover involved the exposure odf children, ex hypothesi, to dangerous levels of radiation that caused many early deaths and predisposed others to such, even while it "created" the "higher human race" that Nietzsche called for in his work: He exhorted the men who take up his eugenic program to "transform" two thirds of the globe into a breeding ground for the New caste he wanted to create: I am charging the University of Chicago with the responsibility for doing exactly what Nietzsche called for:—
And this higher caste was created as the new aristocratic caste—which Nietzsche asserted was the "invention" of France (Notice how some of strauss' students were sent to France to study under Kojeve, the fact that Kojeve turned out to be a Russian spy, and that Kojeve—labelled by those who knew him to be the most intelligent man alive, and that Kojeve wrote works in both Philosophy and a dissertation on "quantum theory, which I submit is the foundation stone of Martin Heidegger's "Fundamental Ontology: Was Strauss' connection to Kojeve a seditious alliance of Germany France, Russia, and, possibly, Japan, against the United States?—and was this alliance consummated in order to overturn our liberal democracy in the consummation of a "Philosophy of the Future"? I think this is a reasonable inference from the facts—and that soon this will become apparent to all americans!