Will Biden pardon the man baby?

I will Biden keep his word and not pardon the man baby hunter

  • In a heart beat

  • He would never lie

  • He will do it for sure , old lying Biden might even pardon Trump to get away with it

  • I do not know what he will do.

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Did I say that ? why no I did not . And this post is not about hunter *****, its about what choices and options Biden may have if hunter was convicted. Just AS I'm GOING TO POST ONE ABOUT TRUMP WHEN I GET DONE HERE NUMB NUTS .

My my you're in a nasty mood tonight? What's wrong you not getting any ? Or whatever deviant things you liberals do with each other.
Hang over maybe ? You are upset due to a recent relationship break up with her , him, it or gender or creature you claim to be. Or you hate me even more luh nut ? lol I really hope its me . you just hate me more O my I hope that's it. That would be so funny?
That's the mood never I enjoyed laughing at you I enjoy laughing at the fact you had to rush here with a pull about something that isn't even in play yet you have plenty of time to put this hold in the future but you are such a childish right-wing ***** you just couldn't resist