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World Politics? Well Let's look at the Rest of the World.

Discussion in 'World Politics' started by PoliticalMessager, Sep 11, 2007.

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    Aug 17, 2007
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    Yesterday, I had the honor to hear the Ambassador Bernardo
    Herrera from Venezuela speak a the Western American Peace
    Summit here in Detroit, and after hearing him talk made me
    realize that most Americans only hear what the government
    wants them to hear.

    The Ambassador spoke about terrorism, and the United States
    so-called search for Osama Bin Laden. Here is a small section
    piece of his speech.

    (Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez Herrera) Our government in Venezuela
    have our own opinions concerning the United States sheltering a terrorist known as the Osama Bin Laden of Latin America, Luis Posada Carriles. This terrorist is responsible for the murder of 73 innocent passengers on a civilian plane over the waters of Barbados in October of 1976. Posada is a fugitive from justice in Venezuela, because he escaped from a prison in Caracas while his trial for murder was pending. In June of last year, Venezuela asked the United States government for his extradition. Our request is based on three different extradition treaties that require the U.S. government to either extradite him to Venezuela or try him in this country for 73 counts of first degree murder. Rather than responding to our request and moving forward with his extradition or trial for murder, the U.S. government has thus far treated his case as a minor immigration matter and charged him only with illegal entry into the country. The international war on terrorism does not mean an a la carte war. The U.S. cannot pick and choose which terrorist to prosecute. A terrorist is a terrorist period. We call on the American people to demand that the US government abide by its international obligations and do what the law requires it to do: extradite or prosecute Posada for murder. Instead, he now stands on the verge of being released from custody on January 24th,2008 if he haven't been released already.

    Again, Here we are talking about invading Afghanistan and Pakistan
    looking for Osama, and we are harboring terrorist right here in the
    states. Why don't our Government take the time to listen to what
    the rest of the world have to say about us? Or is it that we just
    don't give a damn about what someone think? I just thought that
    I would throw my information that I heard, and to hear this was so
    mind blowing until next week I will air the audio section of the
    Ambassador's speech on my weekly commentary radio program.

    I am learning something new everyday about the government.

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