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May 2, 2007
Dallas, Texas
All Airport Employees To Have Microchip Implants?
Need to track all employees from mechanics to chefs may lead to implantation | May 19, 2007
Steve Watson

Congress is moving quickly to put into motion measures that will ensure airport employees are subjected to stricter security checks. Everyone from Restaurant employees to airline mechanics could soon be forced to provide biometric finger and iris scans and may even face the possibility of being implanted with a microchip.

Currently all airport employees must pass a police and FBI background check, however this may soon be upgraded to include credit checks, routine searches of bags and property and the use of biometric readers with the possibility of microchip implants on the table

The measures are still under Congressional discussion.

Local News Channel KENS5 broadcast a report on the proposals from San Antonio airport recently:

Such biometric readers are becoming commonplace in many places of work, yet the use of microchip implants is yet to become widespread.

There are however some workers who have been forced to take the chip.

Government workers in Mexico are being forced to take the chip or lose their job. Staff of Mexico's attorney general had to take the chip in order to access secure areas.

In February, a Cincinnati surveillance equipment company became the first U.S. business to use this application when a handful of employees voluntarily got implants to allow them to enter secure rooms.

In a trail blazing act last year however, Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin signed a law declaring it a crime to require an individual to be implanted with a microchip. The people of Wisconsin welcomed the RFID law which imposes fine of up to $10,000 per day for a violator. The Bill was introduced by Rep. Marlin Schneider , D-Wisconsin.

A spotlight has recently been placed on chip implants by the London Times which ran a piece asking whether children should be implanted in the wake of the kidnapping of British toddler Madeleine McCann.

We have also previously highlighted how implantable chips are being used for recreational purposes, to pay for drinks in bars . The Financial Times today ran a piece on the Baja Beach club in Barcelona which has championed the technology for years.

Earlier this year award winning director Aaron Russo, appearing on the Alex Jones show, stressed that the true intentions of the global elite, in particular the Rockefeller family, is a microchipped society. A society where you have no privacy, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, whether you're innocent, guilty, indifferent or impaired. A microchipped society sounds like something from a horrific science fiction movie, as ever fiction is being mirrored by reality as we now see it being debated in Congress.

The Age in Australia reported that within ten years the chip will be as common as cell phones are today. If the scheme became commonplace then it is estimated that around 75% of the population would be mandated to take the chips.

By pure coincidence (ahem) IBM, the company behind Verichip, the major retailer of implantable chips, also ran the cataloging system used by the Nazis to store information on Jews in Hitler's Germany.
If this happens, then nobody can deny this is going big brother. Sure, you can justify it, its got its advantages, but its such an invasion of personal privacy.
No worries, wearing a tin foil hat prevents them from being able to read the chip implanted in your brain. MARK