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An Opportunity Lost

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Greco, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Greco

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    Oct 9, 2008
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    Tuesday night's presidential debate was supposed to be McCain's night. All the pundits suggested the format would favor John McCain. A town hall meeting format, even according to the McCain campaign, is his best opportunity to connect with voters. Sinking in all the polls, McCain needed a big night.

    The jury is in.

    CBS Poll of Uncomitted Voters: Obama... 40%, McCain... 26%, Tie... 34%

    CNN Poll: Obama... 54%, McCain... 33%

    MSN's home page on Wednesday had a click-thru link to vote on who won the presidential debate, as of 11:10am, 810,904 votes had been cast, almost one million. (You can only vote once.) Barack Obama... 52%, McCain... 35%, Tie... 4.3% and Not Sure... 8.6%.

    There were several elements of the debate that registered with me. First, John McCain looked very, very old and tired. I don't mean that as a simple way to bash him. He really looked feeble, with the halting shuffle of an old man as he moved around on the stage. He looked like a senior citizen attempting to move without the aid of his walker. The format, and McCain's desire to move around didn't do himself any favors.

    What in the world was McCain scribbling onto his notepad? Immediately after being introduced he went promptly to his stool and started writing away, not looking up at the moderator, the audience, his opponent, or the television camera. Throughout much of the debate he seemed focused on writing notes. It was strange.

    McCain delivered the line of the evening. "That one!" After expressing that snarky, condecending line, he immediately adopted his best George W. Bush smirk as if he thought it was a crowning moment. He was wrong. It wasn't very dignified, certainly not presidential, and might even produce a campaign button for his opponent... "I'm voting for THAT ONE!"

    The debate ended and the candidates, joined by their wives, began shaking hands with the audience. At one point McCain and Obama were side by side and Obama extended his hand to McCain. John McCain looked away, refusing to shake hands with him, and Obama then shook hands with McCain's wife, Cindy. Undignified, not presidential, and absolutely petty was the final view of John McCain as the broadcast concluded.

    Three out of four debates have now concluded. The score is Obama/Biden... 3 / McCain/Palin... 0.

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