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McCain gets caught big time on Today Show!

Discussion in 'Elections & Political Parties' started by top gun, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. top gun

    top gun Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2007
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    Ohio, USA
    WOW! I don't know who saw the Today Show this morning 9/16/08 but Matt Lauer really busted John McCain out on NATIONAL TV!

    He let McCain do his mirror opposite Flip Flop from yesterday. Yesterday McCain was touting the economy as it was tanking all over the news. He must of had somebody read him a paper or something because less than 24 hours later he goes on the Today Show and tries some convoluted double speak such as...

    Hey "the American worker" is strong & resilient so the economy is under lyingly strong but the economy everyone knows is in crisis.:eek:
    And no I didn't leave out any words... that's seriously the type of rambling going on.:eek:

    That's not the good part though McCain then thinks he's not looking that bad and sort of weathered that storm so to speak.

    So Lauer ask hasn't all the REPUBLICAN DEREGULATION helped to lead to many of these current crisises?

    McCain says sure I've said, been saying we need to be on top of these things so businesses can't do... this & that... (more ramble on nothing).

    Then Lauer drops him like a rock and starts reading quote, by quote, by quote, by quote direct McCain press statements saying NO NEED FOR REGULATION, REMOVE REGULATION, UNNECESSARY REGULATION all over the place.

    I didn't know a human being could actually turn that shade of red. He looked like a Chameleon! I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT JOHN MCCAIN'S HEAD WAS GOING TO EXPLODE!:)
  2. Dawkinsrocks

    Dawkinsrocks Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2008
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    It isn't the republicans fault.

    They have only been in power for 8 years. You can't possibly expect them to take responsibility

    It is the democrats fault.

    Or Al Kada

    Or the commies

    Or or erm, can't think of anyone right now erm
  3. PLC1

    PLC1 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 20, 2007
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    The Golden State
    Of course it's unnecessary regulation that McCain doesn't like.

    You know, the kind that doesn't prevent a recession and/or bank melt downs.

    The kind that didn't prevent the savings and load debacle of the '80s would have been good regulation. It's too bad that the feds didn't learn anything from that one.

    Lessons are repeated until they are learned. I wonder how many more times deregulation of banks will be tried?

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